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What’s NEW at Trek

Hi Guys! Happy Thursday!!! The weather has finally decided to cooperate with the calendar and I think it’s finally Fall now. Changes in weather always make me think of new and exciting things, a fresh start for a new season. We’ve also got so many NEW and fresh things happening at Trek that I want to take a moment to catch you up on everything.

We’ve got two new brews on tap and they are both AWESOME.

SMaSH: Hunger is a New Zealand Pale Ale. This hazy beer is brewed with Maris Otter malt and Pacifica hops from New Zealand. It smells and tastes like a tropical vacation… which is exactly what you need now that the weather is turning colder. As with all of our single malt and single hop brews, this beer will be giving back. $1 from every pint sold of this beer ANY time will go to the Food Pantry Network of Licking County. Drink good beer and change the world for good. Seems like a win win.

Java Majik is the perfect combination of my two favorite beverages… coffee and beer. This stout is brewed with coffee from Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters. It’s roasty and chocolatey and coffee-y and just absolutely delicious. Don’t wait too long to try it, because it will go fast.

In addition to new beers we’ve got some new staff at Trek. In the recent past we’ve hired three new bartenders who are absolutely amazing. Desi has been with us the longest, since early summer. She’s a craft beer aficionado, outdoor enthusiast, wife, and amazing mom of three. Christine joined the team near the end of summer. Christine is an all around awesome person. In addition to being a craft-beer lover she also has three teenagers and a five year old, and owns a landscaping company with her husband. Carrie is brand new to the Trek team. Carrie knows a lot about beer and she just returned from an awesome trip to Ireland. She’s super friendly and she’s got great recommendations on both beer and travel. Come on in and say hello to all of them!

We also added some new items to our menu! Now, in addition to our awesome pizzas, we’ve got some awesome snack items as well. We have soft pretzel bites with a warm Trek beer cheese that are absolutely incredible. We’ve also added two snack mixes from Krema Nut Company. We have the Country Club, which is a savory snack mix, and a Trail Mix which has both sweet and salty. Finally we’ve added a custom popcorn mix from Weathervane popcorn. Campfire Crunch is a little sweet with caramel corn and a little heat with habanero cheddar corn, and together it’s an incredible snack.

Finally, we’ve added some new items to our merch! We’ve got three new ball caps and a new winter hat. We also added an awesome long sleeve tee shirt with hops down the sleeve. We’ve got a brown and orange colored classic tee added to the mix. Finally, we added an OHIO Trek sweatshirt. We’re piloting a new online store for the sweatshirt as well. If you’d like to order one, it will ship directly to you! You can order your sweatshirt here. Orders will take approximately 7 to 14 days to ship.

With all this NEW excitement going on, make sure to stop in soon. We promise it’s worth the Trek. Cheers!