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The Run With a Point

In college, I joined the crew team because I figured that I wouldn’t have to run very far in a boat. I enjoy swimming for the same reason, there’s little to no running involved. With this background information it might come as a shock to you guys- but, I hate running. That being said, I do have a fair amount of jealousy toward all my runner friends that finish 5k’s left and right. They have cool runner swag and they talk about runner things and what a great time they had at these cool events. You guys… I want in. I have FOMO (fear of missing out) like you wouldn’t believe and so, we created our own awesome run.

Now, remember, I HATE running, so this run isn’t far. It’s a 0.5k. It’s quite literally a run around our parking lot at Trek. When you participate in this run you’ll get awesome runner swag, you’ll get to talk about runner things, and you’ll definitely be talking about what a great time you had at this event.

The 0.5k – The Run With A Point is happening Saturday April 16th at 11:30am. It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN.

The 0.5k – The Run With A Point isn’t just a fun run, it’s a fun run that also benefits the community. A run with a point. (See what we did there?)Your $30 ticket includes an awesome performance tee shirt (runner swag), your first drink at Trek, AND a $5 donation to the Licking County Family YMCA’s All For One camp.

… see this awesome runner swag?

There’s no training necessary for this event. We won’t judge if you walk it. We also won’t judge if you show up in full-on marathon gear. You do you. If you feel like you might need a warm up, I suggest hanging out with my children for a bit. They have boundless energy, and they’re also pretty great cheerleaders.

All For One is an inclusive camp experience for special needs students.  The All For One campers have a very small student to counselor ratio- at the most 3:1. They are included with the whole day camp for opening and closing circle, lunch time, and swim time. The All For One campers get to have a true summer camp experience and the LCFYMCA is proud to have this amazing experience for these incredible kids.

If you order your ticket before April 1st, you’ll have your shirt on the day of the event. If you missed that deadline, no worries. You will still get your swag, but it will be available for pick up the week following the event. We’ll be doing an additional shirt order on the 16th. This way, we can make sure everyone gets the size that they really want, because we want you to wear your cool .5k shirt proudly. You can order online now by following this link.  You can also purchase your ticket anytime up until the event starts at Trek.

We hope you’ll join us for the run! We’re working hard to make the world a better place, one beer at a time. …and we’re psyched about the runner swag.

See you here. Cheers!