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Third Place Evolution

Okay guys, so it’s one of those weeks where I’ve got no clear direction on where to take the blog. I feel like if you read this blog, you’re familiar with my honesty, and we’re now at a point where I can tell you that sometimes I know EXACTLY what I’m going to say and the blog pretty much writes itself, and sometimes (like tonight) I have to rattle the idea around in my brain for awhile before it comes out in the blog.

John and I have been reading the news lately and it seems that there are stores closing all over the place. Mainstays from our childhood are shutting their doors- BIG names like Sears and even Macys. The convenience of being able to buy things online and have them delivered has made many of these places obsolete now. The world is constantly evolving and many of these changes have helped reinforce one of our visions for Trek.

Before we had the doors open we talked about how we wanted to create a “third place.” Well guys, we’ve been working hard on making this a reality. There are a number of studies done on this effect, the most prominent by Sociologist Ray Oldenberg. He suggests that each of us needs three places: first is home; second is work or school; and the third is the place where people from all walks of life interact. It’s an anchor of community life. A third place.

Oldenberg states there are certain hallmarks of a true “third place”:

  1. Neutral ground – A place where people can come from home or work and be on different turf
  2. Leveler – A place where everyone is equal and social status has no great bearing
  3. Conversation – A place where conversation is the main attraction, and is easily achieved
  4. Accessibility – A place that is easy to navigate, and is easy to find
  5. Regulars – A place where people become “regular” and are often present
  6. Wholesome – A place where you might see your Grandmother hanging out or take your four year old
  7. Playful – A place that isn’t stuffy or pretentious

Trek has already become a third place for many, and it’s our great dream to turn it into a true community cornerstone. We want to be the place that you come to relax and unwind. We want to be your “home away from home.” A place that feels natural to invite your friends and where you hang out with your coworkers. We’ve got plenty of space for your next book club meeting, and we’re here to cheer on the Buckeyes with you. If there’s a project you’re passionate about that is happening in our community, we want to know about it– and we want to see if there’s a way we can help! If you are planning a crazy adventure, come tell us about it over some pints. More than anything else we’re passionate about becoming a place that serves and builds our community.

Even as so much about the world is changing, the need for a third place will remain a constant. So, come check us out. Invite some friends and meet in our spacious taproom. Come for the beer, or come for a great food truck. Have a party in the event space. Test your smarts at trivia. Help us change the world, one beer at a time on Trek Together Thursdays. Listen to some live music, or come in to dream up a new adventure with us. We’ve always got new things going on, so come in and find your fit. There’s something at Trek for everyone.

We’ll see you here.

Cheers friends!