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Third Annual Run With A Point!

It’s time to get your tickets.

Okay friends, so here’s a confession for you. I WANT to be a person that WANTS to run. I have several friends and relatives that actually really enjoy it. They are constantly signing up for 5k’s and half marathons- some of them even real marathons… on purpose.
I’ve tried for several years to be a person that likes running, but the fact remains- I’m not.
I am, however, very much a person that likes fun tee shirts. I’m also a person that likes great beer. And, I’m a person that likes supporting awesome organizations.
So, several years ago, John and I came up with the 0.5k. The Run With A Point. This Run is literally around Trek’s (very large) parking lot. You don’t even have to run it. You can walk, skip, hop, chase small children, walk backward, or straight up sprint it. You do you. But, we promise, this is a very do-able adventure, and, there’s beer at the end.
This isn’t just a fun run though- this is a Run With A Point. This year, we’re excited to partner with the Licking County Humane Society!  Your ticket not only gets you a super awesome performance shirt, it also gets you a $5 automatic donation to the Humane Society.

The Humane Society plans to have an adoption event in conjunction with the run- so make sure you give yourself time to check out if you need a new BFF.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us for the Run With A Point on May 6th, at 1pm. Get your ticket by April 24 to guarantee a shirt in your size!!! Order your ticket online or in the taproom this week!

We’ll see you here- It’s Worth The Trek.