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Style Spotlight: Saison

Hello there friends! Happy Thursday again!!! Holiday weeks always have me off-balance. I never quite get settled into the week and then it’s over- which I suppose isn’t all bad. We had an amazing week at Trek, and we’re looking forward to another incredible weekend coming up. We LOVED having everyone in to watch the OSU game, and we’re excited to see that grow during the season.

It’s been awhile since we did a style spotlight post. We recently had our Sainte Terre Saison on tap. You guys loved it so much that it was on and gone. Don’t worry, it’s coming back again soon. But, while we’re waiting for it to reach perfection in the fermenters let’s talk about it a little. We had a lot of questions about the style, and to be honest, I was really interested in learning more about it as well.

Saisons originated in a region of Belgium called Wallonia. Meaning “season” in French, Saison was brewed at the beginning of winter and conditioned in time for farm hands to quench their thirst during field work in the summertime. Large farms would hire seasonal workers (Les Saisonniers) to work the fields during the harvest. These workers needed refreshment that was refreshing and not too high in alcohol content, and the Saison beer was born.

Saisons are often called farmhouse ales, and they can take on a number of different qualities. They have a lactic character, and usually contain flavors and aromas such as fruity, horsey, tart, or leather like. Many U.S. craft brewers also include spices which contribute a unique signature character. Saison beers are gold to light amber in color. They are often quite carbonated which adds to their overall refreshing qualities.

Trek Brewing Company’s Sainte Terre Saison is light and refreshing. It’s light golden in color, and slightly more carbonated than our other styles. It’s crisp and clean and slightly fruity. Our Saison has a hint of tartness, and it’s just all around approachable. Everything about the Sainte Terre makes you want to just sit back and enjoy the moment. We can’t wait until it is back on tap.

We hope you’ll make the Trek to Trek soon!!! Our expanded hours are going great, and you can stop by to see us 6 days a week now! Please continue to help us spread the word. We constantly hear that people don’t know our hours, and we need your help! Come in and join the journey! We can’t wait to see you soon!