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September Update 1

Happy Happy Thursday world! I’ve gotta say, now that we’re open every day (except Tuesday) the weeks are FLYING by faster and faster. Without any down time at all, it is hard to keep straight what we’ve talked about and what we’ve thought we told you about. At any rate, it’s time for an update post.

WE BREWED REAL BEER ON THE BIG SYSTEM. That’s right folks… right at this very minute there are 15bbls of Cream Ale bubbling away happily in the back. The first brew went great…actually, way better than we expected. John hit all his numbers, so we’re really excited to see how this batch finishes out. Despite being a REALLY long day (17 hours!), it was a great day. The spent grain was shipped off to a farm and those cows are happily munching away on it. We’re getting ready to brew again in the next few days. We’ve also kept up our brewing on the pilot system, so we’re cranking out beers as fast as we can.

We’ve had two awesome weekends in a row, with football and parties. It’s been an absolute blast to have everyone in the taproom for the games! We’ll have the sound on for the Buckeye Games, and it’s so much fun to hear everyone cheering together. We’ve had a lot of families making use of the kids area, and its so great to see our vision really come together. We’re looking forward to an amazing season cheering on the Buckeyes, and watching the NFL with you guys too.

So far, our new hours are going well, but we definitely still need your help to get the word out that we’re OPEN during the week now. We’re working hard to get trucks for our open weekend hours, but please feel free to bring in food or order in any time. We have a stash of menus behind the bar to help you out with food.

We’ve added a new member to our awesome team! Now, in addition to Nick, Elizabeth, John and myself, you might also see Beth! She’s a retired pharmacist, and all around awesome person. She loves beer and she’s working the opening weekday shift right now. Come on in and say hey!

This next week promises to be incredible as well. TONIGHT come watch the Bengals vs Ravens in Thursday night football. Friday, we’ve got the FIRST appearance of the shiny new Day Y Noche food truck. *Please know this truck is cash only.* Saturday we’ve got the trifecta of awesomeness: Trek Beer, Smitty’s BBQ, and Buckeyes. On Sunday we’ll have the football games up on the big screens. Monday brings Hogg Head’s BBQ back and Monday Night Football.

We’re looking forward to seeing you from across the bar. Thanks for making this journey so much fun. Cheers friends!