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In The Beginning

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, or maybe the desire to hear a good story goes back even further than that. At any rate, I’ve discovered one of my favorite things about bartending at Trek is hearing all of your stories. I love to know where you’re from, and what your weekend plans entail. I love to hear about which breweries you love, and which you’ll never go back to again. I enjoy hearing you all talk about the things that you are passionate about, and I love to hear your craft beer journeys. I especially love it when I can find you a beer that surprises you, and begins a new chapter in your journey. I also love to tell you OUR story. And friends, we’re excited to say, that for the next few weeks we’re not going to just tell your our story, we’re going to let you experience it too.

Just over 10 years ago, I got John his first homebrewing kit. I got it for his birthday the year that we got engaged because I wanted him to have a hobby other than video games. When I walked into Listermann’s Homebrew Shop in Cincinnati, I had absolutely NO clue what I was looking for. The very knowledgeable staff showed me around, and helped me to create a “homebrew starter kit”. In the kit was everything John would need to make his first beer. I was psyched. He was also psyched about the gift, but in typical John fashion it took a few weeks of researching before he actually tried it out (To better understand the depth of John’s ability to research, ask me sometime how long it took us to buy a crockpot.). Guys, his first beer was awesome. It must have made him a little bit cocky, because the next couple were not so hot. Those misses sparked that engineer brain of his and he figured out how to dial in his processes. He tried again and again until he got it right. Once he nailed his process, he started to expand his equipment. Once he expanded his equipment he worked on experimenting with recipes. And so on, and so forth until we got where we are now. But, we owe our origins to Listermann Home Brew Shop.

And now, as we are in the process of making the switch from our pilot system to our 15bbl system, we find ourselves celebrating huge successes of great weekends and sell out parties. You guys are so incredible that we’re almost completely out of our Trek beer. We’re brewing around the clock but we’re not able to keep up with our demand. And so, as we contemplated what we should do for the next few weeks, we decided that it’s time to go back to our roots, and start at the beginning. We want you guys to experience our craft beer journey.

Listermann Home Brew shop is still in business today, but is also now Listermann Brewing Company. Listermann Brewing has been making incredible, award winning brews in the Cincinnati area. They don’t normally distribute outside of Cincinnati, but, when we emailed them with our story, they agreed to do a tap takeover this weekend, July 13-14! We’ll have 5 amazing brews from Listermann on tap, and we’re rounding out our tap list with other Cincinnati greats. Come join us this weekend and enjoy some hard-to-find brews. Have a pint with us and hear how it all began.

Our exciting new lineup starts Friday at 3pm! Steamroller Bagel will be outside around 5, and we’re open until 10. On Saturday we’re looking forward to another awesome day of these incredible brews. We open at noon, Two Cheezy Guys will be joining us around 3, and we’re open until 10. We’re anxious to meet you and hear your story too.

Cheers friends! See you this weekend!