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Go West

Last week we told the beginning of our craft beer journey. We celebrated our beginnings with a tap-takeover from Listermann Brewing Company. You guys – the beer is incredible. We had a great weekend and loved sharing our story with you all. This week we’re moving on from Cincinnati, to the next chapter of our craft beer journey – the West Coast.

We got married in Granville and then immediately headed out to Seattle to start our lives together. It was there that our craft beer journey really took off. Armed with just a little knowledge of brewing from his experiences in Cincinnati, John started to homebrew more and more often. He continued to hone his craft and found a great homebrew shop in the town where we lived. He soon found out that the shop had a club that met monthly, and John quickly became a regular at meetings.

Becoming a club member also encouraged John to brew so often that he was becoming a nuisance in the kitchen. He built an electric brewery in our garage and started to create his own recipes. We also began visiting breweries far more often than before. Our palates expanded as we learned all the different styles of beers, and we sought out new styles as we visited breweries and beer festivals.

At the time that we were writing our first business plan for Trek Brewing there were 168 breweries in King County, Washington (where Seattle is located). We visited many of them in our time out there, and loved getting to see the story behind each taproom. We also were fortunate to get to experience many different beers from the West Coast, and we strongly believe that these experiences influence the beer we make today.

This weekend at Trek we continue our story by bringing on tap some West Coast greats. Our tap list will include the beginning of our Trek with the remainder of the Listermann’s tap takeover. You won’t want to miss this weekend’s lineup of hard-to-find beers.

Come on in, enjoy a few pints and chat with us about the beers that got us here. Friday your favorite orange truck- Poppy’s Roadside Diner will be outside. Saturday, we’ll be hanging out with Rockin’ Rolls. We can’t wait to have you in and hear all about your journey.

Cheers friends! See you this weekend!