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July Update 1

Hello again friends! Happy July!!! It’s been an amazing couple of weeks. We’re all a little tired today, recovering from our Fireworks for Good Party and our appearance in the Granville Fourth of July parade.

The Fireworks for Good Party was INCREDIBLE. We had a really fun night, with over 135 guests plus a whole bunch of children. We raised over $650 for Habitat for Humanity’s Mid-Ohio The House That Beer Built. The taproom was packed and we had a great time. The fireworks were awesome, Moe’s was awesome, it was really just an awesome night all around. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

We took 3rd place for commercial floats in the Granville Fourth Of July parade. Our first float featured John’s original brew system and several kegs from the brewery. We had a great time participating in the parade, and we enjoyed getting to meet a whole bunch of people.

We’re still working on getting that 15bbl system ready to roll. All the electrical for the system is done. Like so many things on this project, we get SO close to finishing and then one last curve-ball is thrown. We discovered after a water test that some of the fittings that connect the glycol chiller to the fermenters were bad. It’s all been replaced now, it just took a little time. We’re now working to finish insulating pipes on the inside. Pretty soon we’ll be ready to brew on it, and as soon as we’ve had a few successful batches we’ll have our big grand opening.

In the meantime, we’re rocking the weekends. It’s been so much fun to meet so many new people over the last few weeks. We’ve had our party room booked for the past three weeks solid, and it’s been great to see how everyone uses it! If you are interested in renting the room send an email to us or contact us on Facebook.

This weekend is going to be another fun one! We’ve got your favorite orange truck, Poppy’s Roadside Diner back at the brewery on Friday night. He’s got his full menu, and he’s rolling out a few new menu items as well. We’ll see you 3-10 to start your weekend right. On Saturday, after a long hiatus, Smitty’s Real Pit BBQ is back! We’ll see you from noon to 10pm! We can’t wait to have two of our favorite trucks back at Trek!

Can’t wait to see you from across the bar!

Cheers friends!