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Trek July Update 2

Oh hey there friends! It’s somehow already the END of July.  To say that this month has been pure craziness is the understatement of the century.  I’m used to summers being slow and sweet… not this year. In all the craziness, we’re still inching ever closer to that finish line and grand opening.

There’s still a little work remaining in the brewery area to get that big 15bbl system up and running. All of the remaining steam pipe has been insulated, which is awesome news. The guys did a great job, and now it is all safe and up to code. We also got the glycol chiller up and running after several could-only-happen-to-us setbacks. But, the great news is it’s running now, and it works awesomely. And we FINALLY, I repeat, FINALLY got the one last valve needed in order to fire up the boiler and do some water tests and some test brews. You guys… patience is a virtue that I just do not appreciate yet. But, as soon as that valve gets installed, we’re in business. Which means we’re close… really.

We’re still working on a few projects outside too. You may have noticed that we repaired the parking lot! We’re also still working on our landscaping vision for the front. It’s a work in progress.

We also ordered some new merchandise and we’re restocking our old! We’re looking forward to wowing you all with our awesome new swag!

And, we’ve got full fermenters again. We’ll have our Cream Ale back on tap this weekend. Also in the fermenters we’ve got a Saison, Vanilla Stout and IPA. They’re not quite ready for this weekend, but we should be ready to rock next weekend.

We’re continuing our amazing tap-list with our Trek To Trek board.  We’ve got just a tiny bit of that amazing Listermann’s beer left (we’re sure most of these kegs are about to blow).  We’ve also got those amazing West Coast drafts still on. Make sure to get in to Trek on Friday from 3-10, or Saturday from noon to 10.  Steamroller will be joining us Friday night, and Mai Chau will be hanging out on Saturday!

We can’t wait to see you in!  Cheers friends!