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  • Nov 21
    Trek Together: Granville Co-Op Preschool
    Thu 5:00PM
    For more than 75 years, Granville Parent Cooperative Preschool has united children, parents and teachers, who work together and grow through shared personal and educational experiences. The play-based curriculum and nurturing environment—located in downtown Granville--foster a lifelong love of learning...
  • Nov 22
    Live Music: Big Bad Stache
    Fri 7:00PM
    Don't miss a night of great brews and a great band!
  • Nov 23
    Ohio State vs Penn State!
    Sat 12:00PM
    Come join us for the Buckeye's vs the Nittany Lions on the big screens! Sure to be a fun game to watch! We'll have Two Cheezy Guys Food Truck hanging out with us for your game day eats. We're also...
  • Nov 24
    Browns vs Dolphins
    Sun 1:00PM
    Come cheer on the Cleveland Browns with the Newark-Heath Browns Backers and watch on the big screens at Trek! Star City Sliders hanging out with the best sliders in Ohio!
  • Nov 29
    Trek Brewing First Anniversary Party!
    Fri 3:00PM
    It's been an AMAZING first year and we want to celebrate with you!!! This black Friday we've got an awesome day planned! We're giving back to Food Pantry Network of Licking County ALL DAY- $1 from every pint. We'll have...
  • Nov 29
    Food Truck: Star City Sliders
    Fri 3:00PM
    Come on out for the best darn sliders in all of Ohio. Making Saturday's better, one slider at a time.
  • Nov 30
    Ohio State Vs Michigan
    Sat 12:00PM
    We don't give a d@mn about the whole state of Michigan 'cause we're from O-hi-o! Come watch the game on the big screens and cheer loudly for Ohio! Two Cheezy Guys Food Truck will be here for the game!
  • Dec 5
    Trek Together: Mental Health America of Licking County
    Thu 5:00PM
    The Mission of Mental Health America of Licking County is to promote and continually reinforce mental health and wellness through education, prevention and advocacy, and eliminate the stigma of mental health issues in our community. Join us for a night...
  • Dec 6
    Live Music: Barefoot McCoy
    Fri 6:30PM
    Don't miss local legend Barefoot McCoy! We're excited for his first appearance at Trek!
  • Dec 7
    Food Truck: Star City Sliders
    Sat 4:00PM
    Come on out for the best darn sliders in all of Ohio. Making Saturday's better, one slider at a time.
  • Dec 8
    Santa Claus is coming to Trek!
    Sun 1:00PM
    It's almost that time of year, and we've convinced the big guy to make a stop at Trek Brewing. Come on in for your FREE Santa picture. Santa will be set up in our event room! Browns vs Bengals on...
  • Dec 12
    Trek Together: Licking County Humane Society
    Thu 5:00PM
    The Licking County Humane Society seeks to improve the lives of animals and people through advocacy, education, and support. Through their core values of compassion, excellence, and integrity and community focus, LCHS is an incredible organization in our community. Come...
  • Dec 14
    Holiday Sip and Shop
    Sat 1:00PM
    Several local vendors are participating in our holiday sip and shop! More details to come! RSVP to make sure to get updates and vendor list!!!
  • Dec 19
    Trek Together: Canal Market District
    Thu 5:00PM
    The Canal Market District with the help of local leaders, fellow citizens and the city of Newark, has been working to improve the quality of life in our community. Bringing healthy, affordable, and locally produced food to our community is...
  • Dec 20
    Ugly Sweater Christmas Party
    Fri 7:00PM
    Save the date! That's right folks-- pull out your ugliest Christmas sweater and come on out for a night of festive fun. Details to come!
  • Dec 21
    Food Truck: Star City Sliders
    Sat 4:00PM
    Come on out for the best darn sliders in all of Ohio. Making Saturday's better, one slider at a time.
  • Jan 17
    Live Music: James Christopher Band
    Fri 6:30PM
    Join us for a night of amazing live music with James Christopher Band!

Latest News

Weekend happenings!

Hey everyone! Just a short and sweet post today. It’s my birthday week, the first week of new classes at the preschool, a holiday, and well, I’m just running a tad bit behind schedule (Anyone else think starting the week on Tuesday is HARD?). The rest of this week is full of awesomeness though, and I want to let you know the details.  Tonight, please join me at our Trek Together for Hospice. It’s my birthday and I want to spend it with you! You’re also helping me keep a 17 year promise to give back to an organization that […]

Trek Together: Hospice of Central Ohio

Since we’ve been in the storytelling mode on this blog for a little while now, I’m going to share with you a very personal story. It’s a story about what brought me to Granville. It’s a story that has very much shaped the person that I am today.  It is not a short story though, so maybe save this post for when you’ve got a moment. I grew up in one of those really lucky situations. I had parents that loved each other and adored my brother and I. I spent most of my youth in a small town just […]

Weekly Events

I’m very much a creature of routine. The teacher in me thrives on having a set schedule. I’m a planner by nature, and my whole world just feels better when I feel like I know what to expect. Did you know that we have some events at Trek that happen EVERY SINGLE WEEK? It makes my routine-loving heart happy. You don’t have to guess when these things will happen, because, they happen every single week. If it’s Wednesday it’s going to be Trivia Night, and if it’s Thursday it’s Trek Together night.  Trivia night is absolutely the most fun you […]

Big Beer, Big Deal

Last week there was a big commotion in the Ohio Craft beer world. One of the fastest growing craft breweries in America, Platform Brewing, got bought out by AB-InBev. Okay, so what’s the big deal? Why do we care? The short answer is, lots of reasons.  When Big Beer (brands like AB-InBev, Miller Coors, etc.) makes acquisitions of craft brands, there is a disturbance in the force. Craft brewers are defined as three things: small, independent, and traditional. Small is defined as brewing less than 6 million barrels of beer a year. Independent is defined as less than 25% of the […]

Football Food Drive

I’ve told you before that one of my very favorite things about bartending at Trek is that I get to talk to everyone at the bar. I love learning different things about everyone’s lives and I love talking about what’s going on in our community. A couple of weeks ago I was talking with someone who let me know that Food Pantry Network of Licking County is going to be in need of help this year. One of the major funding sources for the food pantry has restructured their giving, and the pantry will lose a significant portion of their […]

Aug ’19 Events

Hi guys! Happy Thursday! Happy AUGUST. How is it August already? This summer has absolutely flown by. I wanted to take a quick minute and update you on our August calendar, because there are a lot of fun events happening at Trek this month. First of all, food trucks. We LOVE having the trucks at Trek. They change up our menu all the time, and they are all seriously good food. When you come in to Trek, and we’ve got a truck outside we hope you’ll consider grabbing some good eats from them!  Our food truck schedule for August is […]

Ohio Breweries Give Back

Last week I shared with you a little bit about our story. That post was a glimpse into the day to day life that our family is living as small business owners. Our family is the heart and soul of our grand adventure saga. However, there are multiple plot lines that are emerging as our Trek continues (see what I did there?), and we’re really proud to be mentioned this week in a state-wide publication for one of them. One of the biggest and most important things that John and I wanted to accomplish when we started Trek Brewing Company […]

A Good Story

I think that I may be hardwired to love a good story. Maybe it’s the way I was brought up, with a story every night before bed, sometimes (when we were extra good) two or three. Maybe it’s because reading a good story has always been my way to relax. At any rate, I’ve long been fascinated by the stories of the people I meet. I’m curious about what brings them to where they are today, and captivated by their hopes for the future. When John and I decided to turn our lives upside down and follow this dream of […]

Fireworks For Good Party Recap

Oh hey guys! I hope you’ve had an awesome week. We definitely did. The 4th of July is one of my favorite times of year, and even though its super busy, it’s always so much fun.  We had an absolute blast at our Fireworks for Good Party this year, and we wanted to just spend some time recapping that event. It was a dark and stormy day, and we started off slowly. We were just starting to get afraid that the rain was going to keep everyone away, but then, everyone showed up. And we mean everyone. The taproom and […]

What’s In Our Fermenters? June ’19

Hey guys! Happy happy Thursday! It’s been an awesome couple of weeks, and we’ve got so much to look forward to! These summertime nights have been so much fun. If you missed out on Tyy Perkins— you really missed out.  Our first live music event leaves a lot for everyone else to live up to. Tyy was incredible. We can’t wait to have him back! We are starting to book more live music events, so keep watching Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our webpage to stay up to date with those events.  Things at Trek are slowly starting to get into […]