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Second Anniversary Party!

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I wrote. Again. I don’t even have a good apology to give you except that life this year is just insanity. There is both nothing and everything happening AT THE SAME TIME and I really struggle with words to write it all down.

But, something really incredible is about to happen. We’re going to hit our TWO YEAR anniversary. We’ve put off advertising for several reasons— we weren’t sure that our doors were going to be allowed to be open, and we didn’t want to draw a huge crowd (which sounds so very opposite for a business!). However, it’s our joy to now shout it to the rooftops that we’ve made it TWO YEARS, and we’re doing awesome things.

Black Friday, November 27th, come and celebrate with us. We’ll have a full Trek tap list, including a NEW version of our Anniversary Ale barleywine. We’ll have our incredible full menu. We’ll have Big Bad Stache. We’ll have PLENTY OF SEATING, we’re even opening our event room to provide extra space to appropriately social distance. We have amazing bartenders that are absolutely dedicated to keeping you as safe as possible. And, we’ll be giving back to the Licking County Food Pantry Network. $1 from every pint poured goes to them through our Trek Together program.

We know this year has been SO weird in so many ways and we really appreciate you all more than you could know. Our 2020 Mug Club members will be getting another year of Mug Club benefits as a thank you for being there with us. 

Not a Mug Club member yet? The 2021 Club goes on sale on Black Friday. You can join for one year for just $50, or become a lifetime member for $250. Your Mug Club membership gets you a 4 extra ounces on a full size Trek beer! So that’s a 20 oz pour for the same price as a 16 oz, or a 14oz pour for the same price as our 10oz. It gets you $1 off these pours on our Mug Club day (currently Sundays). It also saves you $ on crowlers and merch. You also get a nifty punch card where you can earn trail miles to earn free swag. It’s really a present from you to future you. You can’t go wrong.  You can join the club on Black Friday or any time in December and get those benefits for all of 2021! 

We’re so incredibly thankful to be on this Trek with all of you. It seems hard to believe that we’ve made it two years, and we’ve got so many huge exciting things on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you.

We hope you’ll come and celebrate with us next week, we’re proud of this milestone and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

Cheers friends, it’s worth the Trek.