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Word of the year- Community

So we’ve made it to 2021. It’s a bit surreal, as there were times in the last year where I don’t think any of us thought we’d make it out alive. Nevertheless, here we are and we’re starting off the year with positivity.

I recently saw a post about picking a “focus word” for the year, instead of making a resolution. This idea really resonated with me- one word seems more do-able I guess.

Trek Brewing Company’s word for the year is COMMUNITY. It’s the biggest part of who we are. 

The mission statement of Trek is: We believe that great beer and great people come together to do incredible things. It’s not a new thing. But, it’s a thing we’re going to do better than ever this year.

We’re adding a few new things to our social media and trying to connect with our community more. You’ll start to see us using the story feature on Instagram and Facebook to share behind the scenes action from the brewery, kitchen and from our lives as business owners in this community. One of the biggest pieces that we have lost during this pandemic is the feeling of connection to you all. We’re hoping this helps you continue to get to know who we are both as real people, and as our small business.

Our taproom is a safe, community gathering place. We work hard to make it a place where you feel comfortable. We’re requiring masks, sanitizing, and doing everything we can to make Trek a place for you to be with YOUR community.

We’re also working on supporting our community through our Trek Together program, and it’s getting a revamp this year. Now that we have an incredible kitchen, we’re changing our charitable donations from $1 per pint to 10% from your total check. That means it’s even EASIER to give back to Licking County. All you have to do is drink good beer, eat good food, and we’ll do the rest. 

Our Trek Together program has traditionally worked as us partnering with a different organization within Licking County each week. During the rest of the COVID19 pandemic, we’ll have an organization of the month. This will allow us to make a bigger impact for each of these local organizations. 

The month of January we’ve partnered with Mental Health America Of Licking County. January tends to be the time that people really take a good look at personal growth.The COVID19 pandemic has hugely impacted mental health, and as a community we’re relying more than ever on those resources. At Trek, we want to be an asset to this amazing community resource. That means, 10% from your total check on Thursdays from 4pm to 8pm will be going to MHLC for the month of January.

We hope you’ll join us in making this the year where we prove that we have the best community in the world. We’d also love to hear from you- what’s your word of the year?