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Best Beer Labels of 2020!

You guys! We got entered into a contest! Best Beer Label of 2020! You can help us win by voting for Trail Magik! We already know that our artist, Matt Battaglia, is absolutely amazing. The world deserves to know too!

Trail Magik Vanilla Stout is my favorite beer of all time. When John first started brewing, it was one of his first homebrew recipes. I looked at him and said, “You need to brew this one forever.” He affectionately named it “PW Stout” (Pretty Wife Stout), and it became an award-winning homebrew and a fast favorite for our friends and family. When we were opening Trek, we knew that this beer would be in our core lineup, and we knew it needed the perfect name.

John and I both enjoyed backpacking and hiking pre-children and pre-brewery. Trail Magic is a term used by trekkers and was born on the Appalachian Trail. The AT guide says that

People’s interpretation of Trail magic varies widely, however Trail magic can include:

  • Finding what you need most when you least expect it.

  • Experiencing something rare, extraordinary, or inspiring in nature.

  • Encountering unexpected acts of generosity, that restore one’s faith in humanity.

We think our Trail Magik Vanilla Sout embodies all these things, and Matt Battaglia did an incredible job creating artwork that manifests these ideas in art.

You can vote here. Please encourage everyone you know to vote for Trek. We’re excited about this awesome opportunity to share the love for Trek beer!

In case you need another reason to vote, it looks like you could win some free beer, and that’s pretty awesome too!

Thanks friends! Cheers!