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Phoenix and Starfish

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that we need to look for small wins. Those little sparks of light make an unbelievable difference in the madness that is this entire year. It’s no secret that this year has been incredibly hard on small businesses. We’re lucky to have the Ohio Craft Brewers Association behind us, looking for ways to support our local craft community.

One of these opportunities is coming up this next week. Ohio Pint Day. 

Trek Brewing Company is joining more than 100 others across the state to participate in Ohio Pint Day, a fundraiser for the Ohio Craft Brewers Association(OCBA) to be held on Tuesday, Oct. 27. The inaugural promotion invites craft beer enthusiasts to purchase a limited-edition collectible pint glass available exclusively at Trek and other participating brewery taprooms. A portion of the sale of each glass benefits OCBA, the non-profit trade association that promotes, protects and unifies Ohio’s craft brewing industry. CBA commissioned Columbus artist Adam Hernandez to design the inaugural Ohio Pint Dayglass around the theme “#InThisTogetherOhio” after seeing the can designs he had produced for Jackie O’s Brewery.For this piece, I chose to depict Ohio’s state bird, the cardinal, as a phoenix,” Hernandez explains in his artist’s statement.

“The phoenix is a powerful creature that represents transformation and rebirth. ..My goal is that when the community sees the Cardinal Phoenix they will be challenged to look inward and see how they too can be transformed.” Hernandez’s art will be showcased on a 16-ounce “can” glass provided by Boelter Beverage. The glass style was chosen in part to reflect the craft beer industry’s emergency pivot to canned beer in 2020 necessitated by the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ohio Pint day is officially Tuesday, Oct 27th, but Trek Brewing will be offering these glasses starting on Wednesday, October 28th. 

In an effort to really look at how we can make a difference, John and I continue to believe that our mission is to support our incredible community. We can’t begin to tell you all how much it has meant to us that you all stick with us and our dreams. And we are so beyond proud to be a part of a community that does incredible things. We decided that we wanted a portion of these glasses to go to funding another awesome community project. 

We are excited to give back to  Starfish Assignment Licking County. Starfish Assignment LC partners with Licking County Law Enforcement Officers who, during the course of their duty, identify a need in our community. It seems like a good time to highlight the GOOD things that happen every single day in our community, particularly in law enforcement. Starfish Assignment LC specializes in “quick wins” – like donation requests for items like food, clothing, and household items.

Starting on Wednesday the 28th, at 11 am, you can get your special edition Ohio Pint Day Pint Glass. They are $5 each. $1 will go to the Ohio Craft Brewers Association and $1 will go toward the Starfish Assignment Licking County. 

2020 is the year of the little things. We’re going to keep putting one foot forward and look for those quick sparks of light in the madness. Thanks for joining us.