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  • Mar 24
    Aloha Streetery at Trek
    Sat 5:00PM
    It may be snowy now, but come Saturday we'll have a taste of Hawaii! Aloha Streatery will be serving delicious food outside Trek from 5-9. Come to Trek, enjoy a few pints, and pretend you're somewhere tropical. We'll also have...

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What’s In Our Fermenters – January 2018

Hey Everyone! Happy Thursday! It’s been another awesome week at Trek, and we’ve had a lot of things going on. We can SEE the finish line, and we know it’s coming soon, there are just still a few hurdles that we’ve got to get over before we reach it. I don’t know how long you guys have been on this journey with us, but if you’ve been following Trek from the beginning, you’ll notice that EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY since March 13th, I’ve written a blog post. I love writing them, and, I love getting to connect with you guys on […]

Trek January Update 1

Happy Thursday again friends! We hope your holidays were wonderful, and that you had a great time with family and friends. We’ve had a great couple of weeks at Trek, and we’d love to update you all with our progress. Right before Christmas we received our Ohio Brewing Permit, and so on Christmas Eve we began brewing. John has filled all our pilot system fermenters, and at this point we’ve got a batch of Pale Ale, Cream Ale, and a Vanilla Stout currently fermenting away. As soon as they’re done in the fermenters they’ll be kegged and we’ll continue to […]

2017 In Review

Well guys, it’s Thursday again. It also happens to be the very last Thursday of 2017. Is anyone else stunned by how fast this year has flown by? It seems fitting in our last post of the year to take a little bit of time to reflect on the year. January 2017 Trek Brewing Company officially became a company in the state of Ohio. We filed our paperwork with the federal tax and trade bureau, and we began our paperwork for the state of Ohio. February 2017 In February, we began design work of the brewery with Compton Construction, and […]

Trek December Update 2

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! We’ve had an exceptionally busy month, and there have been a lot of really exciting changes over at Trek! I’m kind of torn on whether to start with the biggest news or the smallest of updates. However, it’s Christmas time, and the anticipation of all of that is coming is probably wearing your patience thin. So, guess what? WE’RE OFFICIALLY A LICENSED BREWERY IN OHIO. Yes friends, Christmas came early for Trek, and yesterday, we received our brewers A1c permit. This permit allows us to manufacture beer and serve it on our premises. We’ve got our […]

Fifteen Barrels

1860. That’s how many days it would take to drink your way out of a 15BBL fermenter. That’s assuming you only drank a couple pints a day, but let’s be honest… you can do more. We’d see you sooner than 5 years after you fell in the fermenter. I mean, it’s only 3720 pints to get through! Assuming you aren’t selfish and drink all of the beer in a 15BBL fermenter yourself, we will be able to fill 30 kegs every time we brew into these tanks. That is a lot of beer that we can share with all of […]

Trek December Update 1

Well, it’s officially December. Though TECHNICALLY we have until Dec 21 before Fall is over, we’re going to go ahead and officially say… Trek won’t be opening this Fall. We’re really really close though, and as frustrating as it is to wait, we promise it will be worth it. In the last two weeks we’ve had tons of major changes over at the brewery! If you’ve driven by, I’m sure you’ve noticed the biggest appearance change— the front has been repainted. We absolutely love the new color, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the buildings transformation. I can […]


Hey guys! Happy Thursday! This week we’re going to talk a bit about family and what that means to Trek Brewing Company. First and foremost, we’re going to tell you (okay, brag about) about our own family. We’ll tell you truly and honestly that we couldn’t be doing this without the incredible support of our awesome family. We’ve had help from fathers and stepfathers, who have spent hours scraping glue. We’ve worked alongside brothers who have helped with the dirty demo work and the heavy lifting of kitchen appliances. Our moms and sisters-in-law have been design consultants and sanity savers. […]

Trek November Update 2

Hey everyone! We’re wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you’re about to enjoy a day filled with family or friends as well as lots of delicious food and beer. Maybe you’re even following our Thanksgiving Beer Plan. We know you’ll need something to talk to your crazy aunt about, so why not update them on the latest at Trek? In the last two weeks, a LOT has happened. First, and biggest, we’ve got floors. Floors in the taproom were ground down and sealed, and they look awesome. They’re also pleasingly squeaky, which is just a fun bonus. […]

Thanksgiving Beer Plan

Well friends, we’re quickly approaching the holiday season. All around us, the signs are there. You see people running around in a harried and hurried state – planning travel, parties, meals, and combinations of all those things. You’re probably more like us… aware that all of these things are happening, but mostly wondering what type of beer you should bring to your Thanksgiving meal. Don’t worry guys, we’re going to provide you with a fool-proof plan. First of all, we’re assuming that you’ve got a long day of family and friends ahead of you. Thanksgiving is a multiple beer style […]

Trek November Update 1

Patience is a virtue, so I’m told. I’ve heard this over and over in my life, for many different circumstances… and I’m sad to say that patience is a virtue I am still lacking. While we impatiently wait for Trek to open, let me get you all up to speed on what has been going on! The outside of the building is getting a facelift. While we prepped to paint, we realized that there were issues in the siding that needed addressed. We’ve now fixed the problems, and we’re almost ready to begin to paint. We’re excited to be able […]