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  • Jun 20
    Trek Brewing Indiegogo
    Tue 8:00PM
    There is nothing better than drinking fresh local beer on a patio in the summertime. Trek Brewing is running an indiegogo campaign to help us build a patio at the brewery! Choose from awesome perks like hats, exclusive t shirts,...

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Piloting a Brewery

Today’s craft beer drinker is always looking for something new. Breweries are always trying to create that next great beer. Unfortunately, beers don’t always turned out as planned. When you are testing and experimenting on a large brewhouse, the ones that don’t turn out can be pricey to send down the drain. Enter the pilot system. A pilot system is a smaller brewhouse that lets the brewery experiment with less risk. Right now our pilot system is being used to fine tune our recipes to be ready for opening the brewery. We’ve mentioned how we are expanding John’s homebrew setup […]

Trek September Update 2

Hey everyone! As I’m sitting down tonight to write about our second September update, I’m thinking of all the things that have happened in the last two weeks that are new and I’m not quite sure where to start. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve officially hit the whirlwind part of this project, where every day a few new things get accomplished. It’s exciting. It’s exhausting. It’s equal parts fun and terrifying. After talking with people that have opened their own businesses, this is probably what life is going to be like from now on, and we’ve just […]

All About Trek

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s been an awesome/crazy week around here. We’ve had a lot of exciting updates – one of the most exciting being that our roadside sign is installed and looking awesome. Because the road sign was installed this week, we’ve picked up a LOT of new Facebook followers, and our analytics show us that a lot of people have checked out our awesome website too. We’re going to take this week to catch everyone up on what we’re all about. We started this crazy journey about 9 years ago, with a homebrew system in our first apartment. However, […]

Trek September Update #1

HELLO out there! It’s September! Wahoo! We’re inching ever closer to the finish line here at Trek… still not close enough to declare an opening, but we’re getting there. Speaking of getting there, how about an update on our progress? Since our last update, a lot has happened. The crews have been working hard over at the building, and we’ve had a lot of progress in a short amount of time. The firewall is completely done. It looks awesome. It looks like it was always supposed to be there. So much so, that when we were showing out of town […]

Style Spotlight: IPA

Chances are, if you’ve been to a craft brewery you’ve heard of IPAs. India Pale Ales (IPA) have taken the craft brewing industry by storm. IPAs are the top selling style at breweries, liquor stores, and supermarkets across the United States, and they are the most entered category at the Great American Beer Festival for more than a decade.   What makes the IPA so magical? It probably starts with its epic history.  IPAs date back to the 1700’s and originate in England. The English loved their beer, and they loved their boys that were sent out to colonize India. […]

The Bottom Line

Whenever we hear the term “bottom line” it is usually in a negative connotation. Some business is cutting corners, or laying off employees, and it’s all in the name of “the bottom line.” It is centered around making the finances look better. However, there is a more recent use of the bottom line: Triple Bottom Line. The triple bottom line does not remove the economics of business from the equation, but rather leverages the economics to also put an emphasis on people and the environment. Triple bottom line puts a focus on sustainability by bringing the economics of business together […]

Trek August Update #2

Well friends, another month is at it’s close. We’re nearing the end of August already, and it’s been the busiest month yet at the brewery. John is now officially full time at Trek, which has been amazing, and is allowing us to get a lot more done. We’ve managed to get almost all of the Indiegogo orders shipped – still waiting on a few specific items to complete that task! We hope you love your merch as much as we do, and please send us pics of you in it or enjoying it! You can use the hashtag #trekbrewing or […]

Glassware Galore

Last week all of our glassware was delivered over at Trek. Two pallets of glass ready to bring joy and beer in our taproom. Two pallets of glass is a LOT of glass. 3,652 glasses to be exact. It took one reasonably strong guy (*cough* John *cough*) a couple of hours to move all those glasses safely inside the building. Our strong and very handsome brewer worked so hard to move all those glasses into the building because glassware plays a crucial part in the enjoyment of beer. Think about it with us. First, you grab a bottle or can […]

Trek August Update #1

Things at Trek have finally started moving quickly enough that I feel like I can give you guys bimonthly updates! YAY! So, without further ado – here’s your Trek August Update numero uno! This month started out with the excitement that all of our merchandise from our Indiegogo Campaign is in! All the thank you notes are written, and the boxes are being put together and shipped just as fast as we can. We’re hoping you’ll LOVE your gear, because we think it’s AMAZING! The tee shirts turned out awesome and they are so incredibly soft we never want to […]

Style Spotlight: Red Ale

My love for with Irish Red Ales goes back all the way to my college days. As a server at Rock Bottom, I was frequently asked to recommend beers to customers that weren’t sure they liked beer.  The red ale became my go to, and here’s why: it’s in the beer sweet spot. It’s right smack in the middle of the beer flavor profiles – not too hoppy, not too malty. A good red ale is like a good old friend- consistently awesome, but not too “out there”. Red Ales are (you guessed it!) red in color; ranging from amber […]