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  • Jun 20
    Trek Brewing Indiegogo
    Tue 8:00PM
    There is nothing better than drinking fresh local beer on a patio in the summertime. Trek Brewing is running an indiegogo campaign to help us build a patio at the brewery! Choose from awesome perks like hats, exclusive t shirts,...

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Collaboration Not Competition

There was an article about Trek Brewing this week in the local newspaper. The reporter  did an excellent job of paralleling the 3 breweries in planning that are set to open in Licking County within the next few month. Several people have asked John and I what we thought about all these breweries coming in to the same county at the same time – and honestly – we’re excited. Craft brewers have a community that is unlike many in the corporate world – instead of competition it is collaboration. Craft beer is still very much a “little guy” standing up […]

Indiegogo June 1-30

Friends, TODAY is the day we’ve been talking about forever. Today is the day that our Indiegogo campaign goes live. We talked about what Indiegogo is last week, and how it works. We also told you that all of the money raised from the Indiegogo project will be going toward building an outside patio space at Trek. We are unbelievably excited about it, and we know you’re excited too. Our campaign will run for 30 days starting today, so we’ll officially wrap it up June 30th. We’re hoping to raise $15,000 through the campaign, which will help us make the […]

What IS Indiegogo?

Our Indiegogo campaign is almost ready to launch! I can hear you saying “Well that’s awesome, but what the heck is it?” Don’t worry friends, this post is for you. Indiegogo is a “launch pad for entrepreneurial ideas.” It’s a crowd-funding platform, which means that it will allow us to raise funds online. These funds are provided through contributions made by many different people, from our fan-base and also from others around the world. The best part of all of this is that in exchange for your donation, you’ll get amazing perks. Here’s how it works: Step 1: We enter […]

Trek May Update

Have you ever been working on a long project, and you reach the point where you know you are super busy all the time but you can’t actually seem to make any forward progress? Right now that is what it feels like to be involved in Trek Brewing Company. In fact, as I was planning this post, John said, “What are you going to update about?” It’s been a two steps forward, one step back kind of month. Yet, as I sat down to write what all has happened this month, I found that there IS a surprising amount of […]

How to Open a Brewery in 10 Easy Steps

“So what does it take to open a brewery? I mean, what do you have to do?” These are the questions that we get asked the most. In this post I’ll oversimplify things to make it fit into ten easy steps. Ten steps seems like a doable number, right? Step 1: Make Big Plans. If you’re like us, you’ll spend forever and a day on step one. You’ll need to figure out all the particulars of what you want your brewery to look like. For us, this was defined and re-defined by making a business plan. A business plan is […]

Location Location Location

There seem to be two philosophies that craft brewers fall into when determining the location for their brewery. Theres the “if you build it, they will come” camp which basically says- “hell with the atmosphere, I’m brewing great beer and people will come to my garage to drink it.” John and I have been to several garages/warehouses/industrial centers where we’ve enjoyed excellent beers. And then there’s the other camp- the “location, location, location” people. These brewers think that their location and atmosphere play a large part in their overall brewery design. As we searched for a home for Trek Brewing Company […]

Trek April Update

The wa-a-a-a-a-iting is the ha-a-a-ardest p-aaaart. We hope you read that like Tom Petty was singing it to you. We tried to get him to call each of you and sing it to you each individually but that was too expensive. We settled for this. Sorry. We thought that we’d update you once a month and let you know where we are in the process as we are waiting for Trek’s doors to open to the public. This doesn’t mean that we’ll stop posting updates on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, so you should definitely like us there and follow, but we’ll do a […]

Becoming Judgemental

As we’ve been writing these posts, we’ve had a few questions about what it takes to become a BJCP judge. It’s slightly more involved than just drinking a lot of beers and pretentiously rating them. In today’s post, we’ll give you some background on BJCP and share a little bit of our experiences with the program. As we started getting more serious about opening a brewery, John began to investigate the best ways to become familiar with the different styles and flavor profiles of beer. He was looking for a tool to help him dial in the recipes for his […]

Serving Community

You may have noticed that we’re pretty serious about this whole community thing. We keep bringing it up, and you’re ready for us to move on and tell you something different. I promise, we will. But…. not this week. Last week we talked about what building community means to Trek Brewing Company. This week, we want to focus on the second part of being a part of a community; serving it. Trek is committed to giving back to those local organizations that make our neighborhood such a great place to live. Our Trek Together program will start up as soon […]

Building Community

We once had an amazing high school literature teacher. She spent a great deal of time one class period drilling into our heads “the theme is the message the author is trying to send… (Or moral).” Consequently, you’ll probably hear the following a lot from us: The theme (philosophy) of Trek Brewing Company is: “We believe that great beer and great people come together to do incredible things.”  Community is a huge focus for Trek, and we’re aspiring to achieve community from both sides; building it, and serving it. This week we’re going to focus on how we want to […]

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