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What’s In Our Fermenters – April 2018

Hey friends!

We hope you guys have had another awesome week! It was a great weekend at Trek! We officially opened the patio last Friday night- and it was perfect. We’ve got seating out there finally, and it’s got just the right amount of evening shade. We’re so excited to be able to sit out there all summer and hang out with you guys. That is assuming that warm weather ever comes to Ohio.

This past weekend we also introduced our Red Ale and our Brown Ale in the taproom. They were both extremely well received. The Red Ale quickly became our weekend top seller. It’s smooth and really is the “Goldilocks beer” of our bunch… not to hoppy, not to malty, just the perfect amount of flavor and balance. The Brown Ale is a hoppy Brown – and I’ll let you guys in on a secret – it’s one of John’s favorites. It’s got all the usual Brown Ale characteristics, all that malty goodness, but this one also has a hoppy punch to it that just makes it perfect.

We’ve had a lot coming and going from our fermenters this month as John brews like crazy trying to keep up with demand. He’s brewing as many as three times a week, which is about as fast as we can push things through the five fermenters that we’ve got for the pilot system.

Currently we’ve got Cream Ale, Pale Ale, Vanilla Stout and IPA in our fermenters. We’re looking forward to branching out and brewing different styles in the near future. I know John is always planning a few steps ahead, but if you’ve got style suggestions – feel free to comment on our Facebook page!

We’re excited about an awesome weekend ahead. We’ll have the patio open again for the nice weather on Friday. Poppy’s Roadside Diner will be outside serving up amazingly delicious diner food. Try the pretzels and beer cheese- the cheese is made with Trek beer! We’ll see you 5-9!

On Saturday we’ve got a realtor tour coming in the morning with 50 professionals- we’re excited to get a chance to talk with them and show them all that Trek has to offer! You can still score your ticket to this event, but spots are extremely limited! Then, Saturday night we’ve got Smitty’s Real Pit BBQ back for some really amazing smoked BBQ. Again, we’ll see you 5-9!

Cheers friends! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!