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Trek April Update 2

Happy Happy Thursday Friends! I’m writing to you from sunny Florida. The boys and I are on vacation this week and having a blast. We’ve been rotating between the beach and the pool and spending lots of quality time with grandparents on both sides. John got to come down for a few days, but he’s back in Ohio now, and you’ll see him this weekend.

Things are continuing to move forward at the brewery. Our 15bbl system is still being decommissioned at Seventh Son, but it will quickly be on it’s way to Trek. We’re working hard on getting the brewery space prepped and ready to receive this massive system. John has been relocating his pilot system to what we think will be it’s final resting place, and we’re working on getting good storage solutions for the grain, kegs, keg washer and other various brewing paraphernalia.

Today the last of the AV equipment will be delivered at the brewery. Both the events room and the patio will be getting speaker upgrades. Installation on these will also begin tomorrow, but we’re unsure which space will go first. By the end of next week both spaces should have awesome speaker systems.

Throughout the never-ending winter we’ve been having issues with the roof over at Trek. We determined several months ago that a new roof was going to have to happen, and the time is now. Next week we’ll begin a full roof replacement on the existing building. We’ve been lucky that so far all of the water coming in the building has been in the kitchen/brewery area, but we’re really excited for the day when we won’t have to worry about the weather inside the brewery.

Last weekend we had Poppy’s Roadside Diner on Friday and Smitty’s Real Pit BBQ on Saturday. Both nights were great! We love it when our customers return and we’re starting to develop great relationships with lots of folks. We have some supporters that come in at least once a week, and it’s great to get to know them. We can’t tell you how much we value your support.

We also love that at this point in our opening process we’re still getting a ton of new people through the door. that this weekend we had over 80% new faces! We’re finding that there are still a lot of people that don’t know were open to the public yet. You can help by commenting and sharing on our Facebook posts! Facebook uses an algorithm that is almost entirely based on how quickly people react to a post. The more post interaction, the quicker it’s boosted to other people’s newsfeeds. Even though we have over 1500 people following our page, sometimes only a third of them get to see the posts. Even more awesomely, we’d love to see you and your friends at Trek! Bring a group, have a beer, and try out the awesome trucks that are there!

We also had our first privately booked event at Trek this past Saturday. We had 50 guests on Saturday morning at 10:30am as part of a realtor tour. It was AWESOME to get to meet everyone there, and we really enjoyed getting to tell our story and talk beer with friends.

This weekend promises to be epic. We’ve got Steamroller Bagel on Friday night, and Hogg Head’s Blue Smoke BBQ on Saturday. It’s the first appearance of Hogg Heads, and you won’t want to miss it! We’ll have 5 Trek beers on Tap for you this weekend: Cream Ale, Pale Ale, Hoppy Brown Ale, IPA, and Vanilla Stout. We’ve also got some awesome guest drafts on, so be sure to come check them out!

Cheers to you friends! We love being on this adventure with you!