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I’m very much a creature of routine. The teacher in me thrives on having a set schedule. I’m a planner by nature, and my whole world just feels better when I feel like I know what to expect.

Did you know that we have some events at Trek that happen EVERY SINGLE WEEK? It makes my routine-loving heart happy. You don’t have to guess when these things will happen, because, they happen every single week. If it’s Wednesday it’s going to be Trivia Night, and if it’s Thursday it’s Trek Together night. 

Trivia night is absolutely the most fun you can have on a Wednesday night. It happens weekly at 7pm, which we’ve found is a great time for most people. It’s not too late (it is a school night after all) and it’s still late enough that you can get a few things done after the work day. Steve Spoo is our Trivia Host, and he’s most definitely the best around. He’s created a great game that is challenging and fun. There are 5 questions per round, 6 rounds with two BONUS rounds where you can bet some or all of your points. Each week, the winning team gets a $20 gift certificate to Trek Brewing! Trivia lasts about two hours, aka the perfect amount of time to enjoy a couple of pints and some snacks or dinner. Some weeks we have a food truck, but we ALWAYS have our amazing pizza from Fired Up Pizzas. Drinking and eating while you play probably makes you smarter. 

Trivia at Trek!

Trek Together on Thursday nights is the project from our hearts. The Trek Together night has been a part of the mission of Trek Brewing Company from day one. We’re here to make a difference in the world. We look for local non-profit community organizations to partner with for these weeks. When we have a partner, like tonight (YAY UNITED WAY!) we encourage them to set up in our lobby. That way, as people come in, you can learn about the organization and talk about what it is they do in the community.

The rest is really REALLY easy. You have a great night, and you enjoy some great beers. That’s it. Trek donates $1 from EVERY SINGLE PINT that we pour from 5pm to 9pm back to the partnering organization.  We bring awareness to awesome organizations in the community, we support them, and we’re drinking great beer. A real win-win.

If we don’t have a partner for the night, we’ve decided to still host the Trek Together nights. We’re still donating $1 from every pint sold, but we’re putting it into our Trek Together Community Fund. There the money waits for a cause that we can help with. This way, we’re able to donate larger sums of money when we’re asked to help, or when we see a particular need in the community. 

Establishing our Trek Together Community Fund at the Licking County Foundation

Eventually, we would love to grow the Trek Together program to have 52 different programs that we support. It would be so amazing to be able to say that we had that big of an impact in a year. This year, my goal is to host 26 Trek Togethers with supporting organizations. We put out a call for who you’d like to see us partner with on Facebook this week. We’d really love to hear if you work for a non-profit, or know a great one that we should support. We need your help! We really can make a big difference in our little corner of the world, one beer at a time.

Our Fall weekends are also gaining routines! Yay! We’ll be hosting our Football Food Drive for every single Ohio State Buckeyes game. We’re inviting you to, “Be a fan and bring a can!” You’ll receive $1 off a pint for a canned food item (limit $1 off per pint). All food donations will be made to the Food Pantry Network of Licking County. With the big screens and the best beer, we’re the #1 choice for watching the Buckeyes this fall. We’ll have the sound on for the games, and we’ll open early or close late if needed! 

Join us for Ohio Sate games this fall!

We’re also THE PLACE to watch the Browns. We’re excited to be the official meeting spot of the Newark-Heath Browns Backers club. Come watch with a crowd and enjoy food trucks and beer! Sound on, game on the big screens. 

We hope to see you TONIGHT for Trek Together for United Way, and we hope you’ll become a regular for all our weekly events. We’re striving to make Trek your “third place”, and we love what it’s growing into.

Thanks for joining our journey. It’s worth the Trek.