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Trek Together Community Fund

This week we reached another major milestone in the life of Trek Brewing Company. One of the biggest focuses for John and I starting Trek was to be able to do something good in our favorite community. It’s a big part of why we moved back here to Licking County. It’s our home, and we wanted to make a difference here.

On Tuesday, we sat down with some of our favorite people at the Licking County Foundation and we created the Trek Together Community Fund.

Creating the Trek Together Community Fund allows us to ramp up and streamline the “supporting our community” part of our philosophy statement. This is REALLY EXCITING for us, because we’re starting to see our dream in motion. Starting TONIGHT, we’re making every Thursday a Trek Together night. Some weeks (like tonight) we have a specific organization that the collected funds are going towards (tonight = The Works). Every single pint we pour between 5pm and 9pm, we donate a dollar back to that organization. Next week, we don’t have a specific cause. We’ll be donating a dollar from every pint sold between 5 and 9 to the Trek Together Community Fund. Stay tuned to social media and watch out in the taproom for your chance to help us put those dollars to work for good where it means the most to you.

We’ll also use this fund to collect the donations for the projects we’re committed to already- like The House That Beer Built. While our SMaSH:Homelessness is on tap, we’ll make the $1 per pint donation into the Trek Together Fund, and we’ll earmark it for The House That Beer Built. Whatever cause the next SMaSH beer goes towards will also find safekeeping in the community fund.

The other really incredible thing about the Trek Together Community Fund is that it allows everyone to get involved. It’s easy! You come into Trek for one of our Trek Together events, and you’re drinking for a good cause. Or, you come into Trek and grab a pint of our SMaSH beer, and, you’re drinking for a good cause. Or, you come into Trek for one of our awesome events like The Fireworks For Good party, or The Gingerbread House That Beer Built and – you guessed it… you’re drinking for good. All those donations will find safekeeping in the Trek Together Community Fund.

If you enjoy drinking for good, but want to get more involved you can do that too! If you want to make any additional donations to the Trek Together Community Fund, that’s also really easy!

“Anyone may make gifts at any time to an existing charitable fund at the Licking County Foundation. These gifts may be cash, publicly traded securities, bequests, assignments of life insurance policies, charitable IRA rollovers, Remainder or Lead Trusts, real estate, etc. Donations of any size to any fund are welcome and tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

To give to a Licking County Foundation Fund using a credit card, simply visit the website at www.thelcfoundation.org/donate. You may direct your gift to the Trek Together Community Fund by typing the Trek Together Community Fund in the “Write a Note (optional)” prompt.”

There are also ways to give by mail, and in honor of a special person or milestone.

Trek is our big adventure. We invite you to come on in and join in our journey. Help us change the world for the better, one beer at a time. It’s worth the Trek.