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Trek September Update #1

HELLO out there! It’s September! Wahoo! We’re inching ever closer to the finish line here at Trek… still not close enough to declare an opening, but we’re getting there. Speaking of getting there, how about an update on our progress?

Since our last update, a lot has happened. The crews have been working hard over at the building, and we’ve had a lot of progress in a short amount of time. The firewall is completely done. It looks awesome. It looks like it was always supposed to be there. So much so, that when we were showing out of town family the space this weekend, neither of our moms realized it was new. That same team also cut a large loading door in the back of the brewery. Other than the fact that it’s boarded up with plywood, it also flows so naturally with the space that it makes you think twice about whether or not it’s always been there.

Electrical teams have been working really hard to update the electrical systems to meet the requirements for the brewery. They have cleaned up a lot of old wiring and have been prepping the new areas for electrical.

The floors have been cut for the trench drains in the brewery and drains in the kitchen. The plumbers will have one of the biggest jobs at Trek, as they are plumbing for our 15bbl brewhouse, and adding plumbing for a lab and an additional ADA bathroom.

Those two new rooms have been framed out, and our carpenters have been working on various other super-secret projects around the brewery.

We’ve got all the demo done in the taproom and it’s just a big empty space now, ready for us to make it awesome for you.  Pretty soon we’ll be showing you pictures of how we plan to make this the IDEAL third spot in your life. This is the part that I’m the MOST psyched about, and I can’t wait for it to become a reality!

We’ve picked a point of sale system. I know this means nothing to you guys, but OH MY GOSH I’m so happy to be done with that. For some reason the POS was the hardest decision in the world for me. I knew that they all basically did the same thing… but there are at least 800 choices. It seems like EVERY brewery in Ohio uses a different one. It was exhausting. The good news is… it’s not life or death, and we’re happy with our choice.

John brewed a black IPA last week. The sample he pulled off to check the gravity was so delicious that I can’t wait to have a fully fermented, fully carbonated sample. You guys are going to love this one.

John has been spending his evenings scraping glue off walls over at Trek. This glue used to hold washable panels on the wall, but the panels were falling off the walls. So we were left with walls covered in glue that can’t be painted or glued on top of… and John and my awesome father-in-law, along with my amazing step-father, have spent countless hours heating the glue and then scraping it off the cinderblocks. Like the rest of construction – progress feels VERY slow, but they’re getting there!

We’re working on a bunch of details now, mirrors, bar top, tiling, bench seating, doors, paint, interior design… getting down to the nitty gritty but we’re having so much fun.

We’ll be posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as they happen… or check back here on the blog every Thursday.

Cheers to you friends! We’re getting there!