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Trek October Update 1

Well guys, it’s officially October. Even though the weather refuses to give up on summer, signs of fall are happening everywhere. We’re on a roll over at the brewery, making progress faster every day, and inching toward that opening date.

In the last two weeks there have been some pretty awesome changes over at Trek. First off, we’ve got a brand new fire alarm system. I realize that this isn’t all that exciting… but we want you all to be safe while you’re at the brewery, and changing the building to a brewery required some structural changes, which then triggered fire code changes…and voila!… new fire system is installed and ready to go. The guys installing it have been awesome to work with, and they’ve done a great job.

There is a new hole in the side of the building, and we’re pretty happy about it. Our brand new double door opening is cut, and we expect the doors to be in place very soon. This double door will lead directly from the taproom to the patio. In addition to being awesomely convenient, it will let a LOT of light into the taproom, which was definitely needed.

Have you guys ever had an idea in your head, and then tried to describe that idea to someone else and have them make it? It’s incredibly difficult. However, we’ve had an amazing carpenter working over at Trek, and he’s built some incredible benches for the taproom that are EXACTLY what I pictured in my mind. They are beautiful. I’m beyond excited about them. We think you guys will love them too.

In the brewery area the electricians have almost completely finished. We’ve got working lights and outlets in all the right places. They’ve been awesome, and we’re really happy with all the work that they have done.

We’re still working on the plumbing inside the brewery area. We’ve had a few setbacks in this area, but things are on their way to getting fixed. We’re hoping that the plumbing in the brewing area will soon be complete and we’ll be able to finish that area, get our Ohio brewers permit, and start brewing for you all!

If you noticed that the sign actually ON the side of the building came down, don’t worry. We’re prepping to paint the exterior of the building. That will be happening very soon and then the sign will be replaced.

One of the questions we keep getting since our Indiegogo campaign is, “Where can I get Trek gear?” Good news! We’ve been working to get our online store open. The online store will open with some awesome Trek brewing merch, and we’ll be happy to ship anywhere in the US. We are in the final testing stages of the store set up, and we expect to launch that very soon.

We’re getting very close to the finish line here, but like all projects, the last few things seem to take the longest. We know its hard to wait, but we’re confident that its going to be well worth it. Keep watching on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates!

Cheers friends!