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The SHOP Is Live!

About twenty-four hours ago, quietly, without telling anyone that it was live, we added a whole layer of awesomeness to trekbeer.com. We’ve been doing extensive testing to make sure everything works… and at the risk of actually saying (typing?) it out loud, we’re confident. You guys… now you can SHOP on trekbeer.com.

You know all those awesome exclusive Trek Trailblazer tees your friends have been wearing? They’ve been bragging about their softness? Yeah… you might have missed the boat on the Trailblazer one, but YOU TOO can own now your own super-soft Trek Brewing Tee! We’ve got it for you in three different colors in the unisex tee, and three different colors in Ladies V neck. Go ahead and get all three colors, because this is your new go to tee. I promise, it’s so soft you won’t want to take it off.

Not only do we have regular tees and V neck tees… we’ve also got ¾ length baseball tees! These are the same tri blend, super-soft fabric as our t-shirts. They are a unisex style that flatters both men and women. We’ve got them in two colors, so don’t miss it!

To round out our adult size apparel, we’ve got the same sweatshirts we introduced on our Indiegogo campaign. They are premium cloud fleece sweatshirts. Lightweight, but warm, and oh so soft.

We’ve got three different styles of hats for you to choose from. The vintage trucker style hat, a classic navy ball cap, and a burnt orange hat. All three have the Trek Brewing Logo embroidered on the front. All three are awesome.

Finally, why should you have all the fun? Dress your favorite kiddos in our adorable Trek Brewing kids shirts and baby onesies. They’ll look awesome, and you’ll look awesome sporting your Trek gear together.

We’re excited to launch the store, and it is OPEN. We’ll be happy to ship anywhere in the US. Just so you know, we’ll have this same merch in stock at the brewery when we get to open our doors. We’re getting much closer on that too, so stay tuned by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Cheers friends! Happy shopping!