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Trek July Update

Well friends, we’ve made it to the end of July already. Somehow half of summer slipped away, and I feel like we’ve been so busy we haven’t even noticed it. We’ve had a lot of exciting things happening for or at Trek this month, so it’s time to bring you all up to speed.

First let’s talk about the changes that are taking place over at the brewery. After our success with our Indiegogo campaign, we started work on clearing out the existing landscaping for our patio. It’s going to be a really amazing space to hang out! We cleared away everything except the big Pine Tree. We had planned to keep the tree already, but it turns out, it has really huge roots. We’re currently exploring our options for what kind of patio surface we will have, and it’s looking like we’ll be building a deck to accommodate those roots.

We reached the end of our demoing ability, and we’ve had crews in for the past few weeks clearing out the space. It’s surprising how different the space feels now that some of the changes have been made!

We were surprised to learn that in the former kitchen area (which will become the brewery area) there were not one, but two different layers of drop ceilings. Another surprising find was under the carpet in the main taproom. Instead of the concrete we were expecting, we uncovered hardwoods – which were unfortunately unsalvageable. We’ve also changed our design plan for the taproom a bit, but we’re excited about the changes and we think they will help us better articulate our vision for the space.

We’ve finally got everyone to agree on all the changes that take place behind the scenes (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing) and we’ve submitted our permits to the county. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly, and actual construction will begin soon.

There has also been a lot happening this month for Trek outside of the physical building. We’ve continued to brew test brews on our pilot system. This month, John brewed a light beer, another batch of vanilla stout (see last week’s post to learn why), and a red ale.  We got some shiny new toys – 3 1BBL fermenters, and a glycol chiller for our pilot system. We ordered all of our merchandise from our Indiegogo campaign and we’ve started to get some of it back (spoiler alert: it’s AWESOME)! We’ll begin shipping your perks out to you as soon as we have everything for your order.

As you can see, there is a lot happening. It is so exciting to watch this big dream start to take shape! We’re looking forward to fulfilling your Indiegogo orders in the next few weeks and for construction to begin in earnest! As always, keep checking our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more frequent updates!

Cheers friends!