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Thank you!!!

All week I’ve been looking for the words to adequately express how grateful we are to all of you. Our Indiegogo campaign ended on June 30th at midnight. Because of you guys, we not only met our goal of $15,000 in 30 days- we EXCEEDED it; raising $16,116 in our 30 days. We think that that is pretty remarkable.

The first few days of the campaign were incredible – we got to a third of our goal in just three days. From that point on, things just kept slowly building. In fact, in the whole 30 day campaign we only had one day that was a “zero” day. The last 48 hours of the campaign were a rollercoaster of emotions. We started day 28 doubting that we were going to make it, but then, holy cow did you guys prove us wrong. We rallied, and raised over $5k in less than 36 hours. It was crazy. It was fun. It made us stop and think about how darn lucky we are to have such a great community.

All throughout the month we were so amazed by how generous you all are. Our friends and family blew us away with their support. People from literally all over the country supported us by sharing the campaign and donating to the project. We’re astounded by your love and support.

We’re also so incredibly excited and honored to have so many NEW friends that can’t wait for Trek to open! About ⅔ of our donations came from local folks. Many of those were from people that we haven’t met yet. In addition to supporting the campaign, many of you shared with friends, and we picked up a few hundred new followers on our social media accounts. We can’t wait to get to know you.

What happens now? Well, because you’re so awesome our campaign switched to “in demand” on Indiegogo. This means that you’re still able to donate to the project and get some of our awesome perks. You can still purchase tickets to the Patio Premiere Party (only 8 left!), get yourself a growler+fills (a present from you to you!), name our LAST fermenter, realize your dreams of being brewer for a day, grab a Trek Sweatshirt before football season, or rent out our Special Events room for a private party of your own. All proceeds will go towards making Trek an awesome place to hang out.

Aside from Indiegogo, we’ve already started on the patio project! We’ve had some landscaping work done over at the brewery – and the patio space is starting to look great. We even found out that we have a great view of the Newark Fireworks from our awesome patio spot.

Demo has been happening inside the brewery as well and things are in that stage where it looks really awful before it gets awesome. We’re working hard for the awesome. Stay tuned for some more pictures this week on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

So back to the beginning… I’m still not sure that we have the right words to say how grateful we are to all of you. We’re incredibly excited, honored, humbled, proud (and a few billion more adjectives) to be on this Trek with you. It’s an adventure, and it’s just the beginning of one that is sure to be extraordinary. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Cheers friends!