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Trek February Update 1

Hey Friends! It’s Thursday yet again! And… it’s also February. I know this, because I started to write January Update 3… and then realized that tomorrow when this post goes live, it will be February.

It has been an exciting couple of weeks for Trek! We’re racing toward that finish line now, and it’s incredibly fun and also incredibly scary to be at this point. We can see the end, and now we’ve just got to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep checking off those boxes.

Speaking of getting things checked off, we had our final inspections on plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and fire, and everything has passed! We’re waiting on our building final inspection (scheduled this week), a health inspection (scheduled after we pass building inspection), and our A1A license (scheduled after we pass health inspection.)

The siding on the building is finally complete! We love the way the building turned out. Now that everything is freshly painted and the new siding is up, it’s really looking sharp. Although the rust-orange of the old building was unique, we think this new look really fits well with our whole vision for Trek.

If you’re looking at the building, you might also notice that the NEW PATIO is complete! The concrete is finished, and the rope railing is hung. We’ll put some lights and furniture out there to finish the space off, but the bones are complete! We’re so psyched about having this outdoor area for Trek, and we’re so very thankful to all of you. Your contributions during the Indiegogo campaign made the patio a reality, and we absolutely can’t wait to hang out with you there.

Inside, we have finished up a few more tasks. We’ve got a brand new ADA ramp. It looks awesome, and we love that we can truly state that we’re ADA accessible. Our new A/V equipment is installed – and, I’m not really all that techie, but this stuff is seriously cool. We’re all set up with TV’s, music, and internet. There are new speakers throughout the taproom. We’re working on replacing lighting throughout the building and cleaning right now. It’s all really starting to come together.

We’ve ordered and received new kitchen equipment: refrigerator, freezer, and a panini press. We’re working out the last details on our in-house menu, and we’ll have all of that finalized soon!

John has continued to brew and grow our inventory. Currently we have Cream Ale, IPA, Pale Ale and Vanilla Stout in various stages of fermentation or kegged. We’re planning to add some depth to those categories (multiple batches) and also brew another couple of styles to have on hand for our opening day.

We received 67 applications in the two weeks that our bartending position was listed. The sheer number of applicants was amazing to us. We are so overjoyed that so many people want to be a part of our team! We have contacted several people to interview, and we can’t wait to meet them later this week!

We’ve been scheduling food trucks left and right. Right now almost all of our Friday and Saturday nights are booked from March through the end of Summer. We’ve contacted many of the trucks you guys asked for, and we’ve been able to book almost all of them. We’re excited to work with all these amazing trucks!

We’re in the home stretch here guys. I know so many of you are anxious, and believe me, we are too. We want to make absolutely sure that we’re able to keep our promises to you, and that’s why we haven’t put out an opening date yet. As soon as we’re certain- we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops – I promise.

In the meantime, have a great week! Keep checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for pictures and updates!

Cheers friends!