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Trek August Update #1

Things at Trek have finally started moving quickly enough that I feel like I can give you guys bimonthly updates! YAY! So, without further ado – here’s your Trek August Update numero uno!

This month started out with the excitement that all of our merchandise from our Indiegogo Campaign is in! All the thank you notes are written, and the boxes are being put together and shipped just as fast as we can. We’re hoping you’ll LOVE your gear, because we think it’s AMAZING! The tee shirts turned out awesome and they are so incredibly soft we never want to take them off (Good news – they wash awesome too… no shrinkage!). The sweatshirts are just as incredible as we thought they would be… super soft and cuddly without being too heavy. The hats came out better than we could have dreamed, our embroidered patch looks incredible. The tin signs are super cool and we can’t wait for you to see them. And finally, our glassware arrived yesterday, and we love it.

We’re really thrilled that we’ve booked our first meeting in our special events room. We’ve got a large group coming in towards the end of January. That’s right friends, we’re booking our events room already. If you are going to have a corporate meeting, a party, a reception, a class reunion, or just a really big group of friends – consider Trek as your destination! You can email us for more info!

At the brewery big things have been happening too! WE’VE GOT PERMITS! Actual construction permits. Which means actual construction can start. Everybody should raise their glass in a moment of thanks for that one. In preparation for actual construction starting, the demo is done, and we’ve made a lot of little logistical decisions that have made slight alterations into the overall design plan.

Coming up first for construction is masonry work, cutting the doors (loading and patio) and cutting the floor for plumbing. We’re looking forward to sharing some awesome pictures with you.

We’re also excited that we have more and more chances to talk about Trek, as people are getting word that we’re coming. Thanks for sharing our posts and our page with your friends – we’ve picked up over 700 Facebook followers and counting! For a place that isn’t open yet, we feel like that’s pretty amazing.

As for that opening date…unfortunately, we still don’t know. As soon as we know, you’ll know… promise.

As always, check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for our day to day updates, and you can reach out on any of those platforms or by email if you’ve got questions! We love to hear from you!