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Glassware Galore

Last week all of our glassware was delivered over at Trek. Two pallets of glass ready to bring joy and beer in our taproom. Two pallets of glass is a LOT of glass. 3,652 glasses to be exact. It took one reasonably strong guy (*cough* John *cough*) a couple of hours to move all those glasses safely inside the building.

Our strong and very handsome brewer worked so hard to move all those glasses into the building because glassware plays a crucial part in the enjoyment of beer. Think about it with us. First, you grab a bottle or can of beer and then… you pour it into a glass. The beer immediately begins to open up. In addition to the flavor (which you could experience drinking from the bottle) you now get all of the aroma the beer has to offer. Beer has volatile aromas that can be fleeting and lost unless protected by the glass. If you’re like us, you want to keep all the magic each beer has to offer and savor it. It’s part of the experience of drinking great craft beer.

Our standard pint glass is a Willi Becher style glass. The Willi Becher is an excellent all-around glass across styles. This glass features a gentle taper from the base to the mouth of the glass. The aromas are directed right to your nose for maximum enjoyment. The Willi Becher has become our favorite daily drinking glass at home and we are excited to share that with you in the taproom. In fact, we like this style of glass so much that our Mug Club (details to come soon) will enjoy their beers in larger Willi Becher glasses.

We will also feature a snifter glass for strong beers and those that would like smaller pours. The snifter glass features a bowl shape with a taper to the mouth of the glass as well. The bowl shape helps trap the aromas within the glass to capture volatile aromas that otherwise could be lost (Tragedy!). The snifter is the perfect glass to swirl and savor a strong beer like imperial stout.

All of our glassware has our Trek logotype and our super-spiffy hop icon on them. If you supported us during our Indiegogo campaign, you may have a pint glass coming your way soon! If not, don’t despair! You’ll be able to purchase our amazing glassware (pint and snifter) at the brewery once we’re open, or in our online store (coming soon).

Glassware was just one of the recent additions to the building. We look forward to sharing more of the changes at the brewery as we continue construction.

We’re raising our glasses to you tonight, friends! Cheers!