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Memories and Snapshots

Hey guys! So before you get too far into this post, I’m going to warn you that it isn’t one with any big earth-shattering revelations or new information. Today’s post is simply me writing to stay connected with you all. Though we’ve seen glimpses of light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, we still are miles away from normal. And I miss you. And so, today, I write just to feel a little bit closer.
John and I celebrate 11 years of marriage on Saturday. This time of year my Facebook is flooded with memories and these snapshots in time that make up some of our happiest days. I can’t help thinking about what an incredible adventure we’ve had together.
Mixed in with all these memories of wedding photos and bachelor/bachelorette parties and bridal showers are now the pictures of what we’ve been up to at the brewery for the last three years. It is absolutely incredible to see how far we’ve come. We ran our IndieGoGo campaign in June of 2017 to build what is now the patio outside of Trek. It was our first shot of building awareness that Trek was coming to Newark. I read the memories that pop up and think, “Oh my goodness, we had no idea.”
We had no idea how long it was going to take to get those doors open for the first time. We had no idea how much work it really is to completely start something from the ground up. We had no idea how all-consuming running the day to day of the business is. We had no idea how much joy we’d feel EVERY SINGLE TIME we hear people enjoying our brews. We had no idea how quickly we’d grow to love our regulars, or how fast our staff would join our family. We had no idea how much we’d love every minute of this.
Last week Ben said “Mom, when is it going to be dude’s day again?” and I replied confused, “Well, Sunday is a family day now buddy, isn’t it great to be all together?” He immediately responded, “I like you, but I really liked it when you weren’t here for dude’s day, I think you should go to Trek.” …I’m feeling the love. Seriously, I am missing my usual Sunday bartending shift. But, I’m also feeling proud that this is a step that we can take now, and we can enjoy (well… most of us can enjoy) some family time.
Trek is growing and changing and evolving and that is just an awesome feeling. We’ve reached a point where I get to pick up shifts, and not where it’s life or death that I’m scheduled there. I get to come in and enjoy being in the taproom and talking with people, and that is THE BEST feeling in the world.
So, friends, cheers. I can’t wait to look back on this post in a couple of years and see what all we didn’t know. It’s certainly been an adventure, and I can’t wait to see where it will go next. I hope you’ll be there with us, enjoying every moment.