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Indiegogo June 1-30

Friends, TODAY is the day we’ve been talking about forever. Today is the day that our Indiegogo campaign goes live. We talked about what Indiegogo is last week, and how it works. We also told you that all of the money raised from the Indiegogo project will be going toward building an outside patio space at Trek. We are unbelievably excited about it, and we know you’re excited too.

Our campaign will run for 30 days starting today, so we’ll officially wrap it up June 30th. We’re hoping to raise $15,000 through the campaign, which will help us make the patio an amazing place to hang out. These first few days are super important in the life of the campaign; campaigns that show momentum early are more likely to make it through the complicated algorithms that Indiegogo uses to push projects out to the public. We’re asking that you’ll take a few minutes to check out the project; watch our awesome video, check out the amazing perks, and choose to make a donation.

Please pay attention to the details – some perks are offered for a limited time, some are offered in a limited quantity. If it’s something you’re sure you want – don’t hesitate! You can choose just one perk, or you can choose as many as you’d like. We’re all about making you happy.

After you’ve claimed your perk, we’d love for you to share that on social media so others can see how awesomely generous you are. Talk about it loud and often. In fact, if you want to go and shout about our Indiegogo campaign from your rooftop we won’t stop you. We’d also love for you to invite anyone and everyone you know to check out the campaign so that they can also score some incredible Trek Brewing Company swag.

If you don’t want stuff, but you do want to donate, there is an easy way for you to do that too.  There will be a bright pink button on the right side of the campaign that says “Back it”. This button is for you.

If you don’t want swag, and you can’t donate, but you still want to help – we LOVE you for it. You can share on social media throughout the campaign. Sharing is definitely caring. The more people that see our campaign, the better off we’ll be.

Friends, we couldn’t do this without you. This is our dream but we’re serious when we say that our dream includes all of you. We’re working hard to make Trek Brewing a true community gathering spot. We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts for all of you that are helping us to make Trek everything we’ve been dreaming about.

Cheers to you! Let’s do this!