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Happy Thursday friends! I feel like all these weeks keep flying past. Monday takes forever and then suddenly here we are skating into the weekend. At any rate, it’s Thursday and it’s time again for a blog post.

We’ve had lots of requests for our event room lately, which is amazing! It’s always in times like this though that we have an equal number of people that are completely stunned to find out that we have an event room. Today I’m going to give you the details on the room, so feel free to shout this post from the rooftops. Seriously, we’d love for you to share this information with anyone you know that may be interested in hosting a party.

The Trek event space is awesome. It seats about 100 people (96 to be exact) so it fills a need in this community for a mid-sized event space. Anyone can request to rent the room, by emailing us or contacting us on Facebook. We keep a calendar for the space, and you are welcome to reserve the room up to a year in advance.

Parties in the event space are a minimum of 2 hours. We currently charge $50 per hour for the room. When you reserve the space, we ask for a 50% deposit of the hours reserved to hold the date. (IE: Your party is going to be 4 hours long, we’ll ask for a $100 deposit to hold.)

You are welcome to bring in any outside caterer that you’d like for your party. If you need suggestions on this, we’re happy to help. Many of our food trucks are also willing to provide food for your party, we just let them know in advance how many to plan for. No outside beverages are permitted. If you have special requests surrounding this, talk to John or myself, and we’ll do our best to find a reasonable accommodation.

You are allowed and encouraged to decorate the space any way you’d like. We ask that in your decorating you do not use glitter of any kind, confetti, or tape on the walls.

Finally, we can run a tab at the bar for your party, or you can have a cash bar. If you’re running a tab, we usually give tickets to the host to distribute to their guests. Guests exchange the tickets for drinks at the bar. Hosts tell us what items guests can use tickets for.

We’ve held a number of events already at Trek. From birthday parties to rehearsal dinners, band events to class reunions, we’ve got your perfect spot.

If you’re interested in hosting an event at Trek, we’d love to talk to you more about it! Our event room calendar is starting to fill up with events through Spring and Summer, so come get on our schedule!

Cheers friends! We’ll see you soon!