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  • Jul 6
    Poppy’s Roadside Diner
    Fri 5:00PM
    What a great gathering place for Family and Friends. Conveniently located with plenty of room to sit back, enjoy some quality Craft Beer and Poppy's Roadside Diner. Have a full meal or just enjoy some of appetizers to snack on.
  • Jul 20
    Poppy’s Roadside Diner
    Fri 5:00PM
    What a great gathering place for Family and Friends. Conveniently located with plenty of room to sit back, enjoy some quality Craft Beer and Poppy's Roadside Diner. Have a full meal or just enjoy some of appetizers to snack on.

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Trek June Update 2

Hey guys!!! Welcome back to Thursday!!! We’ve ALMOST made it to the weekend– and all signs point to the fact that we’ll probably make it there in one piece. We’ve had a great couple of weeks at Trek, and it’s time to give you guys an update! We’ve continued construction on our 15bbl system. I had no idea the scope of all that was involved in getting this system up and running, but like all things at the brewery, I’m learning a ton. John assures me that we’re ACTUALLY almost done. The glycol chiller (glycol is a chemical compound used […]

What’s In Our Fermenters June 2018

Hey there friends! What a week it’s been! Suddenly, it’s Thursday again and it’s time for me to give you an update on our beer situation at Trek! First, I want to talk to you about our NEW BEER RELEASE happening TOMORROW! Though it’s technically no longer in our fermenters, John just kegged it today so we’re counting it. Our Coffee Cream Ale is hitting the taps for the first time TOMORROW at 3pm. This beer officially combines the two best beverages in the world to bring you something that is so refreshing you can’t get enough. We fermented our […]

Trek June Update 1

Hello out there! You guys… it’s June. Anyone else feel like the months are speeding by CRAZY fast? I swear to you, these days are so epically long, but the weeks and months are flying by. Maybe it’s just us. We’ve had a lot of big changes over at Trek in the past couple of weeks, and it’s time to give you all an update! First, our taproom continues to do great. We’ve had some really wonderful weekends, and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone coming out to do the Columbus Ale Trail. It’s really such a fun thing […]

The House That Beer Built

When we decided to take this giant leap of faith to open Trek Brewing Company, one of the first things that John and I talked about was that we wanted to be a driving force for good in our community. As we drafted our business plan we kept that ideal at the heart of what Trek is all about. You can find it front and center on our webpage: “At Trek we believe great people and great beer come together to do incredible things. We’re committed to producing exceptional beers and supporting our community in our family-friendly taproom.” We’ve talked […]

What’s In Our Fermenters May 2018

Hello again friends! Happy Thursday to you! We’ve had so much going on that the days seem FOREVER long but the weeks are flying by. Time is funny that way I guess. The last two weekends have been our best weekends yet, and we’re excited to keep that trend going! We’re really loving getting to chat with all of you while you’re enjoying some pints. I have to say that I LOVE stamping the ale trail passport– it’s one of my new favorite things to do. I’m always interested to hear about the different stops on the trail, and I […]

Trek May Update 2

Happy Friday Eve! This week has been a real doozy for me, and I’m SO ready for the weekend to start! The past couple of weeks at Trek have been incredible, and I can’t wait to update you on all the things we’ve been up to! We expanded our hours, and the past two weekends have been AMAZING. We’re now open on Friday from 3pm-10pm, which means your weekend starts earlier. Everyone loves that, right? We’ve particularly enjoyed getting to know our neighbors from State Farm and the Energy Co-op. On Saturdays we’re open ALL DAY from noon until 10pm. […]

Connecting with Craft

Beer has been a social thing since it first came into existence. I’ll wager that the first person to discover beer immediately brought a few of his buddies over to test it out. Beer is just one of those things that is made better by sharing it with others. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re not going to judge you for coming in and sitting at the bar alone… sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a pint in silence. And, these days, even if you’re at the bar alone, it doesn’t mean you’re not sharing that experience. In fact, there are […]

May Update 1

Happy Happy Thursday! Usually I try to spread out my update posts… I’ll do an update and then do some other content in between and then do another update. But, you guys, this week I just couldn’t wait. We’ve got SO much exciting stuff going on at Trek that I couldn’t wait another week to tell you about it. First, WE’RE EXPANDING HOURS. John has been brewing furiously to keep our little pilot system fermenters full, and we’ve built up enough of a stash that we feel confident enough to open up our Friday and Saturday hours.  This means you […]

Trek April Update 2

Happy Happy Thursday Friends! I’m writing to you from sunny Florida. The boys and I are on vacation this week and having a blast. We’ve been rotating between the beach and the pool and spending lots of quality time with grandparents on both sides. John got to come down for a few days, but he’s back in Ohio now, and you’ll see him this weekend. Things are continuing to move forward at the brewery. Our 15bbl system is still being decommissioned at Seventh Son, but it will quickly be on it’s way to Trek. We’re working hard on getting the […]

What’s In Our Fermenters – April 2018

Hey friends! We hope you guys have had another awesome week! It was a great weekend at Trek! We officially opened the patio last Friday night- and it was perfect. We’ve got seating out there finally, and it’s got just the right amount of evening shade. We’re so excited to be able to sit out there all summer and hang out with you guys. That is assuming that warm weather ever comes to Ohio. This past weekend we also introduced our Red Ale and our Brown Ale in the taproom. They were both extremely well received. The Red Ale quickly […]