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  • Mar 24
    Aloha Streetery at Trek
    Sat 5:00PM
    It may be snowy now, but come Saturday we'll have a taste of Hawaii! Aloha Streatery will be serving delicious food outside Trek from 5-9. Come to Trek, enjoy a few pints, and pretend you're somewhere tropical. We'll also have...

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What’s In Our Fermenters – March 2018

Hey friends! Happy Thursday! Although the calendar says Spring the weather does not… and that is a little frustrating. John and I are having trouble re-adjusting to Ohio’s crazy weather. It’s one of the things that we miss the most about Washington- it had a temperate climate, not too hot, not too cold, and you pretty much knew what to expect. Ohio however, likes to keep you on your toes. Even though it’s snowy here, we hope you’ll think about joining us on Saturday from 5-9! Aloha Streetery will be out front, bringing delicious Island inspired food, and transporting you […]

Trek March Update 2

Hello out there! Happy Friday-eve! I don’t know about all of you, but this week has been an incredibly long one for me. I’m looking forward to getting to the weekend, and seeing you all at Trek on Saturday. The past two weeks have brought a ton of awesomeness for Trek. Last week, I mentioned that we’d had three articles published about us in lots of local newspapers. We LOVE that, and we’re excited that people know we’re in the area now and that we’re open to the public for a few short hours every week! We’re really making the […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey everyone! What a whirlwind week it has been! In case you missed them, we were featured in 3 separate articles this week. Bill Babbit wrote about us in Drink up Columbus, Dan Eaton did a feature on us for Columbus Business First, and JD Malone wrote a piece for the Columbus Dispatch. It was a great week for us, and we think it’s safe to say that people know we’re here now. In fact, we’ve picked up quite a lot of followers this week so we thought that maybe we should take a week and try to answer some […]

Trek March Update 1

Hey Friends! Happy Happy Thursday! Happy March! I can’t believe that March is here already, but the calendar suggests that to be true. We’ve had an unbelievable two weeks at Trek, and I can’t wait to tell you everything we’ve been up to. We’ve finished the first phase of work at Trek. Our taproom is 99% complete. (We’re still working to get the draft beer taps coming straight out of the wall from our new cooler.) The amazing mural is up and looks awesome. All our AV equipment is up and functioning, including a digital menu, music, and multiple TV’s. […]

What’s In Our Fermenters – February 2018

Do you guys remember last month when I had the awesome idea that I should do a monthly feature about what’s in our fermenters? Guess what. Today’s the day. But, before we get to that, I’m going to take a second and tell you guys that the dream is actually real now. We’ve had a small soft open. There were people other than John and I and contractors (and family) inside Trek Brewing Company.  These people even seemed to enjoy themselves. They also purchased Trek Brewing Company beers. Which means, we did it. We opened a brewery. We’re pretty over-the-moon […]

Trek February Update 2

Hello again friends! Its Thursday again which means that it’s time to update you on all of our progress. It has been an extremely busy couple of weeks for us! First and foremost, we are finally through ALL of our inspections and we’ve got ALL our permits. We passed our building inspection first and got our occupancy permit. After that, we passed our health inspection. Once we had our health inspection we were able to apply for our A1A permit. Yesterday, we got word that we had passed our A1A as well. This means that we’ll be able to not […]

The Craft Community

Some of you know that I’m the director of a preschool 40+ hours a week. There are a lot of people that seem surprised by this fact, and the surprise comes with the wonderment – “how can you be both a preschool director and someone who sells beer?” I guess that the two just don’t seem all that at odds to me. You see, the craft beer community is changing the conversation about beer. I’ve talked before about being a part of the “Craft Community”, and I’d like to expand on that a little bit today. Early this summer, I […]

Trek February Update 1

Hey Friends! It’s Thursday yet again! And… it’s also February. I know this, because I started to write January Update 3… and then realized that tomorrow when this post goes live, it will be February. It has been an exciting couple of weeks for Trek! We’re racing toward that finish line now, and it’s incredibly fun and also incredibly scary to be at this point. We can see the end, and now we’ve just got to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep checking off those boxes. Speaking of getting things checked off, we had our […]

Style Spotlight: Cream Ale

Hello again friends! I realized two weeks ago when I was writing about what’s in our fermenters that we never did a style spotlight on the Cream Ale. Since that will be one of the first beers that we offer at Trek, we obviously need to correct that. The American Cream Ale is a crisp, refreshing ale. It is straw colored, and light bodied. The Cream Ale is a great “gateway” craft beer, as it shares some similarities to the American Light Lager. It’s got subtle hops and malt, and is a great easy drinking beer. The mid 1800’s brought […]

Trek January Update 2

Somehow Thursday is here again. The days are speeding past, and they are incredibly full. Time flies when you’re having fun, and at this point we’re pretty sure that time just flies when you’re just too busy to know your name. At any rate, it’s time to update you all on our progress in the past two weeks! First, the painting at the brewery is done! It looks amazing! We’re in love! Lots of exclamation points! But really, it looks great. We’ve chosen a sage green for the walls in the taproom, lobby, and bar area. The trim work is […]