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Trek November Update 1

Patience is a virtue, so I’m told. I’ve heard this over and over in my life, for many different circumstances… and I’m sad to say that patience is a virtue I am still lacking. While we impatiently wait for Trek to open, let me get you all up to speed on what has been going on!

The outside of the building is getting a facelift. While we prepped to paint, we realized that there were issues in the siding that needed addressed. We’ve now fixed the problems, and we’re almost ready to begin to paint. We’re excited to be able to give Trek a completely new look… and we know you’ll love it.

We passed our in wall inspection! This is great news! Promptly after passing that inspection we started building walls, and we now have 3 new rooms where there used to be just one. Drywall is in place for the lab, the office, and the new ADA bathroom! We’ll continue to work on finishing these rooms over the next couple of weeks.

We’re continuing work in the taproom, and things are starting to take shape. We’ve got our patio doors installed and they bring a ton of light into the taproom area. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with how they look, and what a dramatic difference they make in the space! Trim work and other carpentry finishes are also getting completed, and everything is looking fabulous.

We’ve had a delay on our floors, but we’re optimistic that work will start on those at the beginning of the week. The brewery surface needs to be poured in the brewery area, and the taproom floors are getting a grind and seal. Once the floors are ready, things will start to move very quickly!

Outside of the building, we’ve been working on ordering more equipment. After a large setback with our 15bbl fermenters, we’ve secured some that will be on their way to Trek next month. We just ordered all our kegs, and they’ll be headed our direction soon as well.

John also got to help with a brew day over at Seventh Son, where he’s learning the ins and outs of what will soon be our 15bbl brewhouse. It is awesome to have support from a local brewer. It is also great that we get to experience brewing on the system before it is ours, and that John gets to learn all the quirks from the pros.

They say that “good things come to those who wait” and we’re thankful that you all continue to wait with us. Although patience is incredibly difficult, we know that Trek will be amazing when construction is complete. We’re looking forward to that day, and we can’t wait to open the doors to all of you.

Cheers friends!