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Trek May Update 2

Happy Friday Eve! This week has been a real doozy for me, and I’m SO ready for the weekend to start! The past couple of weeks at Trek have been incredible, and I can’t wait to update you on all the things we’ve been up to!

We expanded our hours, and the past two weekends have been AMAZING. We’re now open on Friday from 3pm-10pm, which means your weekend starts earlier. Everyone loves that, right? We’ve particularly enjoyed getting to know our neighbors from State Farm and the Energy Co-op. On Saturdays we’re open ALL DAY from noon until 10pm. Either John or I are there for the whole time Trek is open these days, but we’re both behind the bar on Saturday early-afternoons. If you’ve got a question for one of us, don’t hesitate to ask for us!

We’ve had an amazing string of events the past couple of weeks. We’ve hosted 3 private parties now, and they’ve all been so different and so great! Each of the three events have been totally different sizes and we’ve been thrilled how the hosts have decorated and used the space. The room can seat up to 96 people. It is beautiful on it’s own, but we love to see what you guys are turning it into. Our events room is getting booked up on the weekends, so if you’re thinking of hosting a party you can shoot us an email or send us a Facebook message to see more details and check if your date is still available.

We’ve had a lot happening inside the brewery in the past couple of weeks as well. As you know from my first May update, our 15BBL system from Seventh Son is IN HOUSE. We’ve had people working every day on it. The water has all been plumbed for the brewhouse. The steam piping for the boiler is almost ready to be welded and should be complete by the end of the week. The glycol material is on its way. We’re getting SO close to being able to actually brew on that system and we can’t wait!

Outside of the brewery we’re also doing some work. The roofers are doing a great job, and they have made a lot of progress. The storms this week are slowing us down though. As much as it stinks that they aren’t able to get anything done with storms in the forecast, we’re thankful that they aren’t leaving the taproom or brewery open to the elements. This week you may also notice some light landscaping. John’s dad is the hero on this one… so next time you see Big Red, let him know he did a fantastic job on the brewery beautification project.

This weekend promises to be incredible. We’ve got the Columbus Ale Trail Volume 4 passports, and we’re happy to stamp yours all weekend long! On Friday, we’ve got Poppy’s Roadside Diner back again with all of his delicious eats. You guys always ask me for recommendations from the trucks and I can honestly tell you that EVERYTHING Poppy makes is awesome. You can’t go wrong. The only slightly negative thing that I’ve ever heard about Poppy’s was someone at the bar saying that his sandwich had “too much really good meat.” Don’t worry, we knew that wasn’t a thing and everyone at the bar let him know it too. We’ll be open from 3-10pm and Poppy’s will be there the whole time. On Saturday, John and I will be behind the bar from 12-3 to chat with you and stamp your passports. Bring in some lunch or snack on some Oh! Chips while you drink some delicious pints. Then, stick around for the first appearance of Put It In Your Face Sandwich Cart. We brought this truck in at the request of several of you! In fact, I just found out tonight that it’s bartender Elizabeth’s all time favorite truck. We can’t WAIT to try them. They’ll be at Trek from about 4pm till late. Make a plan to come visit us this weekend… it’s going to be awesome.

Finally, we also just found out that Facebook has again changed some of their settings for businesses.  If you’re not sure that you’re seeing all of our posts, please check your settings and select “see posts from Trek Brewing Company first.”  Also, check to make sure that you still “like” our page, because a lot of those have also been randomly turned off.  It seems that the current matrix is dependent on how many people react or comment on our posts, and how quickly that interaction happens.  Please like, comment on, and share our posts. Then, make a plan to visit with some friends! Help us get the word out that Trek is here, awesome, and open on the weekends!

Cheers friends, we’ll see you soon!