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Trek March Update 2

Hello out there! Happy Friday-eve! I don’t know about all of you, but this week has been an incredibly long one for me. I’m looking forward to getting to the weekend, and seeing you all at Trek on Saturday.

The past two weeks have brought a ton of awesomeness for Trek. Last week, I mentioned that we’d had three articles published about us in lots of local newspapers. We LOVE that, and we’re excited that people know we’re in the area now and that we’re open to the public for a few short hours every week!

We’re really making the most of the time that we’re open! Our first opening to the public was March 3rd. It was amazing. We were PACKED from before we officially opened at 5 until after we closed at 9. The line for beer was out the door, and we were at standing room only. We were amazed at the turn out. We expected to be busy, but we never anticipated a crowd that large. That night, we sat down with our team and talked over how to make it even better. We had some silly things, like we realized that night that we had no trash cans out for the public. This honestly wasn’t ever a thought in our minds– until we were packed, and people didn’t have a way to throw out their trash from the food truck. Whoops. At least that was an easy remedy. We also realized some logistical things like needing another point of sale system, and figuring out ways to make ordering beer easier on the customer, and easier to input into the point of sale for the staff. Last weekend was the perfect amount of busy. We had a constant and steady stream of customers, but we were able to talk with almost everyone and it felt good. The changes we made from week one to week two helped everything run a lot more smoothly! As you all know, this is a major change from our past work experience, and we’re definitely learning as we go. We love that you all are helping us on this part of the journey!

Another major decision after March 3 was to add two additional fermenters to our pilot system. We’re still working on getting our 15bbl system in house, and that should all take place this month. However, it will take another few weeks to get everything plumbed and beer in the fermenters. We realized that with a space as large as ours, we’re pretty much running through the amount of beer that we can produce in a week in our 4 hour open window. We added the fermenters so that we can produce more beer each week, and hopefully increase our open hours in the very near future. We’ve been brewing like crazy and we are going to be adding two new styles to the Trek Brewing lineup soon.

This week also brought an additional change to our outdoor patio space! You guys… we’ve got lights! And… they look amazing! I’m in actual shock that this space is ours. You all made the patio happen, and we’re so incredibly thankful that you did, because it’s incredible. We can’t wait to hang out outside with you all! For all our food trucks, we also dropped an electric outlet out there, which should improve the experience for the customer (no noisy generator) and for the trucks!

We’ll be open this Saturday (St.Patrick’s Day!) from 5-9. If you’re heading out for a pub crawl, stop at Trek for dinner and drinks – Smitty’s BBQ will be back out front, and our delicious beer will certainly keep the Irish in you happy!

Cheers friends! See you Saturday!