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Trek June Update 2

Hey guys!!! Welcome back to Thursday!!! We’ve ALMOST made it to the weekend– and all signs point to the fact that we’ll probably make it there in one piece. We’ve had a great couple of weeks at Trek, and it’s time to give you guys an update!

We’ve continued construction on our 15bbl system. I had no idea the scope of all that was involved in getting this system up and running, but like all things at the brewery, I’m learning a ton. John assures me that we’re ACTUALLY almost done. The glycol chiller (glycol is a chemical compound used to cool antifreeze) is on the roof and completely plumbed in. We’ll use the glycol to control the temperature of our fermenters. Because they’re completely plumbed in, it also means that our fermenters have finally made it to their final resting place. We’ve had and passed the inspection on the boiler. We’ll use the boiler to create steam to run the 15bbl system. (Right? I need a quick lesson on this system!) Electrical work on the system is almost done.

In order to brew on the system we have just a few things left to do. We’ll need to finish up the electrical, deep clean everything, and do some testing. We’re hoping to do a water brew in the next two weeks, and assuming all goes well we’ll be brewing beer soon after! It took us SO long to get to this point it really doesn’t feel real.

The work on other parts of the building is continuing as well. If you’ve been there in the past few weeks you may have noticed that the roof has been torn up. The roof has now officially been replaced. It’s watertight and we’re super psyched that there it is no longer raining inside the brewery area. The roofers are finishing up the last bit of that work and should be done within the next couple of weeks as well. John is also excited to report that he’s got an office at the brewery now! He was finally able to paint and move furniture in yesterday. We’re finally getting some order in the mess that has been the back of the brewery.

We’ve been brewing like crazy, and our new beer the Coffee Cream Ale was tapped last weekend. You guys, this beer is so refreshing. We tapped the keg at 3pm, and we blew through the first one in under 3 hours. All told last weekend we went through 3 kegs of Coffee Cream…. and we only have 3 left. Make sure to make the trek to Trek this weekend if you want to try it! I anticipate it will be gone sometime on Saturday.

This weekend is going to be awesome. We’ve got Moe’s Bar B Que Food Truck outside on Friday night – so start off your weekend with some great Bar B Que and Beer! On Saturday we’re going to have a great day. We’ve got Aloha Streatery out front with the most amazing Hawaiian inspired food you can imagine. Kalua Pork Fries guys. That’s really all I need to say.

We are also selling our Fireworks for Good Party Tickets online and at Trek. Our spots are going fast, so if you’re considering attending this awesome event you need to get your ticket now! $5 from your $15 ticket goes directly toward Habitat for Humanity’s The House That Beer Built. Your ticket also includes your first drink at Trek and a spot to watch the amazing OSU-Newark Fireworks. Moe’s BBQ will be there selling their incredible meals to all you hungry people. Kids under 18 are FREE with purchase of adult ticket. Get your ticket today, it’s going to be awesome.

We just want to say thank you again to all of you that read our story, and come in and talk with us at Trek. This has been the most incredible journey, and the good part is just beginning! We can’t wait to share some pints with you and dream up your next big adventure.