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Trek December Update 2

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! We’ve had an exceptionally busy month, and there have been a lot of really exciting changes over at Trek!

I’m kind of torn on whether to start with the biggest news or the smallest of updates. However, it’s Christmas time, and the anticipation of all of that is coming is probably wearing your patience thin. So, guess what?

WE’RE OFFICIALLY A LICENSED BREWERY IN OHIO. Yes friends, Christmas came early for Trek, and yesterday, we received our brewers A1c permit. This permit allows us to manufacture beer and serve it on our premises. We’ve got our ingredients all lined up, and John plans to begin brewing this week on our 1BBL system (we’ll brew on our 1BBL system until we can get our 15BBL tanks hooked up to the chiller and in the right place). As soon as we feel like we’ve got enough beer in the works, we’ll nail down an opening date!

In other really amazing news, we got our 15BBL tanks in last week! They are seriously beautiful, and seriously big. We talked all about them in last week’s post, and we can’t wait to fill them with delicious beer.

Also new at Trek this week is a brand spanking new patio. It’s a thousand square feet of poured concrete awesomeness, and we cannot wait to hang out there with you all SOON and have a few beers. We’ll continue to add features to the patio space as we grow, but we wanted to get the footprint in place at the opening at Trek. We have always felt like this building was perfect except for our lack of outdoor space. Because of all you guys that supported our Indiegogo campaign in June, we now have an awesome one. You guys are seriously the best.

The sides of the building have been prepped for new siding, which will go up this week, and the rear of the building has been painted out to match the siding. It looks great! No, we’re not leaving the doors orange, don’t get excited.

Inside the building, we’re putting finishing touches on the ADA bathroom and we’ve been prepping to paint the taproom.  John is very happy to report that with the help of his dad, and our construction foreman, he is finally finished scraping glue off the walls. It’s been a LONG several months, but all the cinder blocks are officially clear of old glue. The brewery walls will now be painted with an epoxy finish.

We are SO close now. For real this time. Please stay tuned to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and pictures. As soon as we feel like we can project an opening date, you’ll know it.

Cheers friends! Merry Christmas to you!