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Trek April Update

The wa-a-a-a-a-iting is the ha-a-a-ardest p-aaaart. We hope you read that like Tom Petty was singing it to you. We tried to get him to call each of you and sing it to you each individually but that was too expensive. We settled for this. Sorry.

We thought that we’d update you once a month and let you know where we are in the process as we are waiting for Trek’s doors to open to the public. This doesn’t mean that we’ll stop posting updates on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, so you should definitely like us there and follow, but we’ll do a comprehensive list of what’s been accomplished and what some of the next steps are.

It has been a crazy month for us. We started the month still living in Seattle, and we made our 4 day #trektotrek in pretty great time considering we had two toddlers and a golden retriever to get across the country.

Since we’ve been back we’ve had a lot happen over at Trek Brewing Company. We’ve had a couple of meetings with Compton Construction, and we’re working on getting final drawings completed for demolition to start. What are we demo-ing? Actually, not a ton. Trek is going to be located in a former restaurant. Since our brewery is going to be housed in the old kitchen, we’re removing some kitchen equipment. We’re tearing out ceilings, pulling out floors, knocking an 8 foot hole in one side of the building, and a 3 foot hole in the other. We’ve been talking about what the taproom space is going to have as far as finishes, and we’re working on completing drawings for that as well.

We have purchased our 15-barrel brew system, which will be coming from Seventh Son in Columbus. We are excited to continue their tradition of producing great beer on this system. We’ve also ordered some brand-spanking-new fermenters and a brite tank from Systech. They’re going to be amazing.

Our pilot brewing system is also getting an update. We’ve ordered new kettles to increase the capacity of the pilot system from 1/3-barrel to 1-barrel. The pilot system is almost back up and running now, and we’ll be cranking out some more test recipes soon.

Amazingly, our TTB Brewer’s Permit has been approved already. This is one of those big-deal things in the life of a brewery. The TTB Brewer’s Permit is our federal government permit that allows us to create and sell beer. The average wait time when we applied was over 6 months; but Trek’s permit sailed right through in under 3 months. We were able to submit our Ohio brewery license application, so we’re waiting on that to be approved as well.

We’re also actively working on an Indiegogo campaign. It’s not published yet, but it will be soon.  We’ll be providing some amazing perks (think awesome Trek merchandise) in exchange for funds to complete our outdoor patio space at the brewery. Stay tuned.

As you can see, we’ve been busy. We’re having so much fun with all of this, and we can’t wait to share Trek Brewing Company with you. Before we can open our doors to all of you we’ve still got quite a few things on the list. We’re excited to tell you all about them as they happen. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures as this process keeps rolling along.

Cheers friends!