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It’s that time of year again when we start to think about all the things we’re thankful for. The list is incredibly long for John and I. Next week is Thanksgiving, and next week is also our Black Friday GRAND OPENING. Because next Thursday is Thanksgiving, we’ll be taking a week off from writing the blog. As we venture into our official opening, we wanted to take a few minutes for gratitude about the prelude to this Trek.

First and foremost, we’re grateful to you all. You’ve supported us through the LONGEST soft-open known to man. We hit an incredible number of switchbacks and setbacks… but being able to hang out with you all from across the bar has made it an incredible journey.

We’re blessed to have an incredible family support system. We’re thankful that our families listen to us, support us, and take amazing care of our children. We’re thankful for their business sense, and grateful for all of their wise advice. We’re also blessed that our family extends now to include incredible bartenders- Elizabeth, Nick, and Beth, who have worked hard throughout the soft open. We appreciate that they are dang good at what they do, and they make us proud by their interactions with customers. We’re also darn lucky to have amazing friends that help out whenever they can, by “interning”, helping out at festivals, and doing graphic design. We are thankful for ALL of you.

We’re thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to throw some pretty amazing events. Our very first Fireworks For Good Party will forever be one of our favorite memories. We can’t wait to repeat this event again and again every Fourth of July. Our very first Trek Together program with Mental Health America of Licking County was also amazing. We’re looking forward to doing many more of Trek Together programs this year. We’ve also had some amazing football parties this year and we’re excited to grow into a place to watch all your favorite games.

We’re thankful to be a part of an incredibly collaborative craft brewing community. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with our amazing community of Licking County brewers, and we can’t wait to collaborate on more projects in the near future. All of the breweries here are producing exceptional beer, and we’re proud to stand with them. We’re also proud to collaborate with other Columbus area breweries on The House That Beer Built project.

We’re grateful that our Grand Opening is just around the corner. We’re excited to give back to 5 incredible organizations on that day, and to build up the community that surrounds us. We hope we’ll see you next Friday, November 23rd from 3-10pm.

We are thankful for this adventure of a lifetime. Come, join the journey. The Trek is just beginning.