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Ohio Breweries Give Back

Last week I shared with you a little bit about our story. That post was a glimpse into the day to day life that our family is living as small business owners. Our family is the heart and soul of our grand adventure saga. However, there are multiple plot lines that are emerging as our Trek continues (see what I did there?), and we’re really proud to be mentioned this week in a state-wide publication for one of them.

One of the biggest and most important things that John and I wanted to accomplish when we started Trek Brewing Company was to give back to the community that supports us. This past week, we were mentioned in an article in Ohio On Tap for our involvement in The House That Beer Built project. The article went on to highlight a little bit about what we do at Trek to help our community.

From the very beginning, Trek has been focused on giving back. During our soft-open, we started our giving by signing up for The House That Beer Built, and we had the inaugural Fireworks for Good Party to support it. Our Grand Opening on Black Friday supported five different Licking County organizations. We joined several hundred breweries across the country in brewing the Resilience ale, to support the victims of the Camp Fire in California. We hosted the Gingerbread House that Beer Built for The House That Beer Built Project, and the 0.5k Run with a Point for the YMCA’s All 4 One Camp. We hosted an awesome party to Raise a Pint for Research. We had our second annual Fireworks For Good Party.

We established the Trek Together Community Fund with the Licking County Foundation as a way to streamline our giving back into Licking County with our Trek Together nights EVERY SINGLE Thursday.  We have worked with so many awesome local organizations for these Trek Together nights, and we’re excited to keep booking more. Since January, Trek has distributed more than three thousand dollars back into the community! Finally, we’ve been brewing SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) beers that will donate back to specific causes for every pint poured. In fact, SMaSH: Hunger is on RIGHT NOW and $1 from every pint poured anytime is going to the Food Pantry Network of Licking County.

image credit: ohiocraftbeer.com

Trek is not alone in our desire to give back. The craft beer industry is very philanthropic in general and Ohio Craft Brewers are among the leaders in the industry. In 2018, Ohio craft brewers donated $1.15 million dollars and 15 thousand volunteer hours to charitable organizations. That is pretty awesome.

We’re proud to be a part of this industry, and we’re proud to do our part to make the world a better place. John and I are thrilled that this storyline is becoming so ingrained in the fiber of what makes us Trek Brewing. We’re thankful to all of you that help us change the world, one beer at a time.

Come check out all we’re doing at Trek and be a part of our adventure. Join our journey. It’s Worth the Trek.