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Indiegogoing Along

Hey Friends!

Our Indiegogo Campaign is in full swing now. It is going really well – we’ve raised over half of our goal and we’ve still got over 2 weeks left. We’ve noticed that there are still several questions that linger about the campaign, and we’re going to try to address them in one place, a little Trek Indiegogo FAQ if you will…

Should I donate now or wait until the end? While we appreciate your donation at ANY time, it helps us the most if you donate now. Campaigns that show momentum are pushed out by Indiegogo to potential backers from all over the world. Indiegogo also pushes popular campaigns out through email or Facebook based on an intricate algorithm that focuses largely on how many people view and share the campaign. If you can’t donate – please share! It really does make a difference.

I’d like to go to the Patio Party but there isn’t a date… can you tell me a date? This is a huge bummer. We realize that it WOULD BE so much more convenient if we could give you a date. We’d like to – but because construction is involved it’s just not possible. We do promise that if you buy the patio perk, and you can’t make it to the party we’ll still honor all the perks associated with the party – you’ll still get your glasses, food vouchers, and 2 beers per person. If you can’t make it to the party, you’ll at least have an awesome night coming your way.

Can I just donate? Absolutely. There’s a pink button on the campaign that says “Back It”. If you just want to donate – this is the button for you. We love you for it.

How do I pick a perk? To pick a perk you just click on the perk 🙂 If you choose a shirt or an Ultimate Trek package, it will give you a chance to pick your size once you’ve clicked through the perk.

Can I get more than one perk? Yes, you definitely can – and we’re super thankful to those that do! The problem is that there isn’t a way to combine perks on your order – so you’ll need to make multiple orders. We’re sorry about this- truly. There just isn’t a way around it.

What happens if you don’t meet your goal? You’ll still get all your perks, and we’ll still get the money that has been raised so far.  We’ll build the best patio that we can with what we’ve raised.

We can’t say enough how thankful we are to everyone that has supported us, shared our campaign, wished us well. We truly are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. This is our dream and you all are in on the adventure with us. Buckle up, we have a feeling it is about to get awesome.

Cheers friends!