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Fireworks For Good Party – Year 2

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! This week I wanted to talk about an upcoming awesome event: Fireworks for Good Party – Year 2! It was my very favorite event of last year. And this year, it’s going to be way more awesome.

Here’s the scoop. July 3rd you’ll want to make your way to Trek early. We’ve got the PERFECT view of the OSU-Newark fireworks from our parking lot. We’re partnering with The Licking County Family YMCA’s Healthy Kids Network program for this year’s event. The LCFYMCA HKN sends home a backpack full of food every weekend during the school year with over 500 kids in Licking County. The program has expanded rapidly, and the need is far greater than the current reach. We want to help this program exceed fundraising goals and help more kids in Licking County have access to food.

Last year’s amazing event!!!!

There are a few changes from last years event. First, there will be no ticket. The doors will open at 3, and we’ll stay open until the fireworks are done. We want this year to be spectacular, and so we’re all about having as many people as we can.

Second, we’ve decided to move our weekly Trek Together night to this event. We’ll be closed on July 4 (the Thursday) and we’d like to give back in an awesome way. $1 from every pint sold all day will go to LCFYMCA-HKN.

Poppy’s Roadside Diner will be our food truck for the evening. Poppy’s has one of the most robust menus available on a food truck, and I promise you EVERY SINGLE THING is delicious. You cannot make a wrong choice.

We’re also going to have trivia during this event! The party falls on a Wednesday, and, on Wednesdays we do trivia. Steve Spoo is your awesome host, and he’s got a ton of American themed questions to throw at ya. We’re starting trivia at 6pm so we can be sure to finish before the fireworks. Bring your smarty pants, your smarty friends, your friends with common sense, and your friends with the most useless knowledge. It takes all types to win.  Trivia is so much fun, and we’re excited to have it during a big event.

Finally, in order to further help the LCFYMCA HKN program, AND your style game, we’ve created a limited edition shirt. By we, I actually mean Katalin Beck, who is a graphic design goddess. This shirt will be for sale in the taproom soon – so you won’t have to wait for the Fireworks for Good party to purchase. I promise to make a big deal about it on social media when we get them in stock.


We hope you’ll join us for this incredible event. It’s going to be an awesome time. Hang out with us, eat great food, play trivia, have an awesome view of the fireworks, don’t get stuck for hours in traffic, AND do good in the community. It’s a win-win-win-win-win- WIN. If you have questions or need more info, stop by and talk with us across the bar. We’ll see you soon friends, it’s #WorthTheTrek.