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Hey guys! Happy Thursday! This week we’re going to talk a bit about family and what that means to Trek Brewing Company.

First and foremost, we’re going to tell you (okay, brag about) about our own family. We’ll tell you truly and honestly that we couldn’t be doing this without the incredible support of our awesome family. We’ve had help from fathers and stepfathers, who have spent hours scraping glue. We’ve worked alongside brothers who have helped with the dirty demo work and the heavy lifting of kitchen appliances. Our moms and sisters-in-law have been design consultants and sanity savers. We’ve had aunts and uncles visit from afar and run campaigns on our behalf. And, everyone has stepped in to watch our boys so that we can have meetings, be at meetings, or just get stuff done. Our family is simply incredible.

We’ve made no secret about the fact that we have two young boys. Charlie (4) and Ben (2) are super-excited to welcome you into Trek Brewing. In fact, Charlie will tell you that he’s the spokesman for Trek and he answers the phones (he does, in fact, answer the phones– they just aren’t connected to anything). Ben will pretty much repeat everything Charlie says… but if you’re super lucky he’ll do it by singing it at you. The point of all of this is, family is at the very heart of who we are, and it will remain the heart of what we want to be… family-friendly.

We understand that sometimes young families want to be able to go to a place and have a beer and talk with friends (or family) and actually have a conversation. And, because we are parents of young children, we know how difficult that can be with young children.  We want you to feel welcome at Trek, and because we understand EXACTLY how you feel, we’ve created a kid’s area. One whole corner of our taproom is a devoted kid’s space. It will have a chalk wall surround, a desk to color/draw/write and various toys. There is parent seating around the outside, but we’ve also created the space with one way in and out, so if you’ve got older toddlers and you’re half-paying attention you can be reasonably sure they’ll stay in there. This way you can have a conversation with family or friends, or watch the game, or have a date, AND your kids will be having fun at the same time. It’s a win-win.

We’re holding on tight to the vision in our heads that Trek is a place where you’ll bring your family to be together. We want your whole clan to feel welcome here. If your family is a football watching family, we’ll always have the big games on. If you’re the type of family that enjoys playing board games, we’ve got a big stash of those too. If you’re all adults, you’ll find plenty of space to enjoy a quiet conversation, and if you’ve got youngsters in your group- we’ve got that covered too. Our biggest dream is that Trek will become your third place, and that it will be a gathering spot for families (and friends that are family) from all over Central Ohio.

We can’t wait to have you in and welcome you to be a part of our brewery family.