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Have I mentioned lately how amazing the new Trek Kitchen featuring Star City Sliders is? Well, let me go ahead and tell you again… it’s amazing. We can’t begin to tell you how fortunate we feel to have Bryon on board as part of the Trek team during this time. Partly because talking to Bryon gives John something to do now that the taproom is lonely, but mostly because the food is absolutely incredible.

As this eternal groundhog’s day drags on, there are also chances to adapt and make changes. One of the things that we’ve been trying to get in place since this started was food delivery. Guess what? After several weeks of waiting, we’re ready to announce delivery through DoorDash!

Now to get delicious food DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME all you have to do is download the app and order. It’s that easy. We’re psyched. Plus, through the month of April, DoorDash is offering free delivery on Saturdays!

Unfortunately, we’re not able to deliver beer through that app, so you’ll still have to come see us to get your Trek brew fix. And we’ve got some exciting new releases coming soon, so you’ll want to keep tabs on that. We’re also able to sell wine by the bottle and Ciderboys Ciders in 6-packs now.

We miss you. This is not at ALL what we had envisioned happening right after opening the kitchen, but we’re planning ahead for our time when we can be back together.

Make sure to grab some takeout soon. We’ve got complete no-contact through the patio doors, or, John and Bryon will be happy to see your faces inside the brewery. If you do come inside we’ll ask that you observe our new 15 person occupancy limit, as well as our 6-foot social distancing markers. We’ve also got online ordering available for crowler pickups.

Thanks for helping us keep our dream alive. We’re all in this together. Cheers friends. Be well.