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We wanted to write to you today to let you know that we are taking the situation with COVID-19 extremely seriously.  At Trek, we believe that great beer and great people come together to do incredible things. We’re committed to producing exceptional beers and supporting our community in our family-friendly taproom. To that end, we want to assure you that we are taking extra steps to ensure that we have the safest environment possible.

Trek Brewing Company will immediately put into practice the following measures:

  • You’ll see our staff pausing to wash hands more frequently. We’re asking that they do this at minimum on 30-minute intervals.
  • We will temporarily suspend all growler refills. We’re happy to pour you a new growler OR provide you with crowlers of beer to go. However, to keep all staff and customers safe we will not be refilling any used glassware.
  • We will be temporarily transitioning to compostable cups, and as they arrive we’ll ask that you please excuse the lack of glassware. While we believe that proper glassware is a big part of the craft beer experience, suspending the use of reusable glassware in our taproom – and the repeated handling of glasses through the service and cleaning cycles – eliminates many points of potential contamination. In the meantime, all glasses used in the taproom will be run through our high temperature dishwasher, temporarily suspending all handwashing of glassware.
  • As always, our kitchen staff will continue using sanitary gloves when preparing food and all health department best practices will be vigilantly followed to ensure food safety. You may also see us using gloves when bussing tables.
  • We will continue to use our disinfectant spray on all hard surfaces in the taproom and we will increase the frequency that all surfaces are sanitized, especially those high-touch areas. Please feel free to ask us to spray your table before you sit.
  • We will temporarily suspend all community table seating in favor of individual table seating. This will allow us to spot when an area needs to be cleaned more effectively. It also provides everyone a little bit more breathing space.
  • We will be happy to accommodate requests for new growlers, crowlers, and food to go. We are working on online ordering and we will update as we have new information available.

As a brewery that is here to build and support the community around us, we believe in the value of coming together and relaxing with friends over a good beer. We will do everything we can to provide a safe and clean environment.

We will also ask you to do your part. If you are slightly ill or worried about being in contact with someone who is, then please exercise caution and avoid coming into Trek. We’ll miss seeing your faces, but we’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

All great adventures come with some unexpected twists, and we’re going to ride this one out as safely as possible. We’ll continue to follow best practices set forth by the CDC, the Licking County Health Department, and the State of Ohio. Cheers friends. Stay safe. Stay healthy. We’ll see you soon. It’s #worththeTrek