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Mug Club Mondays!

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We love dreaming up new adventures. We particularly like to do it over a few beers with friends. We’ve created the Trek Mug Club for those of you that like to dream up adventures as well.
Mug Club membership is open to anyone 21+. Membership dues $50 per person per year.

Why join the club? Check out the details below and help us spread the word!

Larger pour of Trek beer for same price until 9pm every day.
20oz for 16oz price, 14 oz for 10oz price
Mug Club Mondays
+Receive $1 off Trek beers with your Mug Club membership until 9pm on Mondays. (Yes this includes your larger pour!)
10% off Merchandise all day, every day
Early invitation to special VIP Events
$2 off Growler and Crowler Fills until 9pm every day
Earn Trek Trail miles for each beer! Use your punch card to redeem awesome swag. As long as you keep renewing your membership, miles roll over from year to year, so you can keep earning new stuff!

100 miles= Trek Brewing Pint Glass
200 miles= Trek Brewing Growler
400 miles= Trek Brewing Tee shirt
800 miles: Trek Brewing hat
1000 miles: Trek hoodie
2000 miles: Trek Brewing 2 hour party room rental
5000 miles: Design and name your own one off beer!

Mug Club Rules
Upon purchase of the Trek Brewing Mug Club, members will receive a Trek Miles punch card for collecting points, and can begin using benefits. **Mug Club officially begins 11/19/2019**
Must be 21+ years of age to join the Trek Brewing Mug Club
Trek Brewing Mug Club pours are only available with purchase of Trek beer. Guest beers ciders and wines are not included.
Trek Trail Miles are non-transferable. Trek Brewing Mug Club pours, growler and crowler fills are eligible for miles. Mug Club pours and crowlers earn one punch per pour. Growlers earn two punches. Guest beers are not included.
Trek Trail Miles will roll over to the next year if membership is maintained. Miles are no longer valid after expiration or termination of membership.
Mug club membership and benefits are non transferable. Unless specifically stated, benefits may not be applied to any other individual.
Mug club memberships expire annually, and must be renewed. Membership runs one year from date of purchase. Lifetime memberships do not expire.
Membership dues are $50. Lifetime membership dues are $250
Trek Brewing Co. reserves the right to change terms and benefits of the Trek Brewing Mug Club at any time. Trek Brewing Co. reserves the right to revoke club membership and benefits, without refund, due to refusal to observe company policies or Ohio state liquor laws.
If you have any questions, or need to provide updated contact information, please email